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Rihanna *Is* At The 2018 Grammys & The First Time You See Her Is A Big Deal

The 2018 Grammy Awards are officially underway! Celebrities have posed for photos and made their way down the red carpet, and the big night is now off to a flashy start. Although fans were worried that they might have missed Rihanna on the red carpet — or that for some reason, the star couldn't make it on Sunday night — it turns out she didn't actually walk in on the red carpet. (Whew!) Still, viewers hoped the singer would pop up soon once the star-studded awards show began. So is Rihanna at the 2018 Grammys? Fans didn't see her on the red carpet, however, they soon spotted her in the audience.

If you're anything like me, you probably let out a giant "squeee!" when the camera gave viewers their first glimpse of Rihanna's Grammys style. (Wait, is she wearing a rain coat? Does she even have anything on under that thing? I definitely couldn't have pulled this off.) I mean, just look at how fierce this star looks. And Twitter users definitely noticed. "I’m happy to see Rihanna," one person tweeted. "She looks flawless like always!" Another Twitter user wrote, "Rihanna looked bomb as always." And my personal favorite: "There is no word in the dictionary that perfectly describes Rihanna. That woman is a goddess." Clearly, people are digging the eight-time Grammy winner's awards-show style.

And shortly after the camera panned over Rihanna (hey girl!) she ended up joining Kendrick Lamar on stage as they accepted the award for best rap/sung performance for "Loyalty." (Side note: If you're not familiar with the song, do yourself a favor and go ahead and watch it now.) While on stage, Rihanna congratulated Lamar, "Congrats, you deserve this, man," and added a shoulder bump for good measure. (Holy crap, Rihanna either has some serious heels on, or she's just that tall. Or both.)

Needless to say, Twitter users had a lot of feelings about this big win. (And judging by the photo below, Lamar and Rihanna are pretty pumped, too!) "Congratulations @rihanna on your 9th Grammy Award!" one Twitter user wrote. "You make us so proud. After all the success you’ve had you’re still so humble and down to earth. Seeing your art being appreciated is truly everything"

Dedicated Rihanna fans probably breathed a huge sigh of relief that the star took home a Grammy so early on in the awards ceremony this year. (Can you believe this is her ninth Grammy Award?) If you remember, Rihanna was notably snubbed at the 2017 Grammy Awards — even though she was nominated for a whopping eight awards. (Yeah, burn.) At least she was in good company, as Kanye West also went home empty-handed after eight nominations. In fact, plenty of Rihanna fans are still salty about last year. "I really feel no sympathy for anyone getting snubbed tonight," one Twitter user wrote. "Nothing compares to the pain Rihanna's fans experienced after losing all 8 nominations last year."

Rihanna's Grammy win wasn't the last time viewers saw the star on stage. Nope. That's because she returned for a live performance of "Wild Thoughts" alongside DJ Khaled and Bryson Tiller, as Variety reported. Viewers once again took to Twitter to share some love for their queen. Many even questioned their sexuality after her sensual performance. "I HAVE A CRUSH ON RIHANNA YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON RIHANNA EVERYONE HAS A CRUSH ON RIHANNA END OF STORY GOODBYE," one person tweeted. Another Twitter user chimed in with what plenty of others were probably already thinking, "Rihanna always makes me deeply question my heterosexuality." LOL. Seriously, though.

All in all, it was a pretty epic night for Rihanna. Her style was on-point, she walked away with a Grammy, and she slayed on stage for a live performance. I have a feeling her fans will be able to sleep soundly tonight. Congrats, Rihanna!

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