Is Rough Sex Safe After A C-Section?

Adjusting your lifestyle to accommodate a new baby is a major transition. For people with certain sexual interests or proclivities, this may be a tricky endeavor indeed. For instance, is rough sex safe after a C-section? Taking a break from intense stuff during the recovery phase could be wise.

A cesarian delivery entails its own set of complications. According to Healthline, a C-section is major surgery, and recovery time often takes about six weeks. Giving the incision time to heal and allowing your body to recover from pregnancy is crucial. According to the Mayo Clinic, it's smart to wait until a physician gives the green light to resume sexual activity, often following the four to six week recovery mark. It's smart to err on the side of safety, because this is a terrible time to deal with any infections or other complications.

Additionally, it's common for new parents to put sex on the back burner for those first weeks. Given the combination of fatigue from child care and shifting hormones, many women experience a drop in libido after giving birth, according to Baby Center. In many cases, desire will slow down for the initial weeks following the baby's arrival.

That said, don't feel like sex has to disappear forever because a baby arrived. If you're up for sex soon after birth, then let your partner bear the brunt of rough play. The person who didn't just produce a child is pretty much fair game for anything.

If this isn't appealing, then kissing, cuddling, and sharing sexy thoughts is an option. Hey, a little mutual imagination can be hot. Also, remember that recovery is not going to last forever, and soon there will be time and energy to get rough and wild again. Maybe you'll have an ear out for the baby monitor, but the point stands.

Oh, and if you have a specific question about what's OK to do in the bedroom, don't hesitate to ask a physician. Enjoying hair-pulling or spanking is not weird. OB-GYNs have seen it all, so a question pertaining to kink will not raise an eyebrow.