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Is Safeway Open On Memorial Day For Your Last Minute Food Needs?

It's Memorial Day weekend. I don't know what that means for you, but for me it means a big barbecue at the beach with all of the fixings: burgers, ribs, hot dogs, potato salad, and a cooler full of beer and juice boxes. One of the most popular destinations to pick up all of these things and more for my friends is Safeway. But is Safeway open Memorial Day? Look, you're bound to forget something, so you need to know if you can grab last minute hot dog buns or not. More importantly, will they run out of those delicious cinnamon Pershing donuts? Because I'd be heartbroken.

Rest easy my friends. The 1600-plus stores in the Safeway family will be open on Memorial Day, although some have slightly altered hours and delivery might be affected. Also, the hours at the pharmacy will be even shorter, reflecting holiday hours. You'll need to plan in advance if they are the pharmacy that fills any important prescription you can't go without.

In preparation for the holiday, Safeway has gone all-out on their sales of cookout favorites like $2.99/pound for ground beef and two for one packages of boneless, skinless, chicken breasts if you just have to have your chicken on the grill. Cut fruit and whole watermelon are also being sold at a pretty deep discount.

Might I suggest buying two watermelons? One for eating, and the other to use for a cocktail dispenser? Which will come in handy if you use some of the wines that are on sale this weekend. A little watermelon sangria at your backyard barbecue sounds like just the thing to get your party started. Heck, watermelon sangria alone in your pajamas without a bra sounds like a party all on its own.

If you're looking for more preparation from Safeway and less "Oh yeah, I needed a 12-pack of Coke," you may be able to grab some party trays. But this will require a little bit of foresight and a call in advance. (Seirously, you won't be the only person trying to pick up a meat and cheese platter or hot wings on Memorial Day.) The locations I spoke with in California and Delaware were both more than happy to take orders for party trays to be picked up on Monday, but each store has a different policy as to when it needs to be ordered. At least 24 hours before pickup is standard, noted their website, so if this is on your shopping list, make sure to give them a call ASAP and plan for a packed store on Monday. I'm not going to lie, I make a heck of a charcuterie platter, but many kids want nothing to do with that nonsense, so a fruit and dip platter is always a good bet.

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When it comes to holiday pre-gaming, you are going to need a plan. Mostly, that plan consists of making a grocery list and strapping your children to your partner as you tuck and roll out of your front door so you can get the shopping done without your kids. Distraction tactics work best. Put down a new sleeve of Oreos on the opposite side of the house, in front of your partner, and then walk to the front door. When you're almost there, yell to your kids, "Daddy/Mommy has cookies!" and make a run for it. If it just so happens that there's a slight but necessary detour to Starbucks and Target while you're out, so be it. You really needed the energy of the coffee, and some new comfy sandals for all your Safeway shopping.