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Is Safeway Open On July 4th? Because There's Always Something You Need At The Last Minute

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It's almost July 4th and while you can’t control the weather (or the ever-changing coronavirus guidelines), you can make sure your table is full of festive food and drinks. If you’re hosting a (small, socially distanced) outdoor gathering or are tasked with bringing a dish to one you’re attending, it’s always nice to put your best culinary foot forward. Since chances are good that you’ll find yourself needing a last-minute ingredient, it’s fair to wonder: Is Safeway open on July 4th, 2020?

Turns out Safeway is a safe bet for your holiday soiree. Most Safeway locations are open on July 4th, according to But you don’t want to show up with a shopping bag in hand only to find a closed supermarket, so it’s always best to call ahead. You can also check your local store’s hours online under the "Your Store" tab.

Whether you’re planning a patriotic picnic or a good ol’ backyard bash with the fam, you’ll find all your basic BBQ must-haves at Safeway. From grass-fed Angus ground beef to hot dogs (and their respective condiments, like ketchup, mayo, and mustard), to beverages and sides (like the Signature Café Classic Potato Salad for $6 or a red seedless watermelon for $7 with your Club Card), it’s all there ready for the ordering. Safeway’s website not only includes current deals on grocery items, but also some great grilling recipes, too. Up your burger game (and impress your guests) with the White Cheddar Burger with Caramelized Onions (there's even a Shop The Recipe option that allows you to click on the ingredients you’ll need to make the meal).

And if you aren’t ready to shop in person just yet, most Safeway locations offer online ordering. You can use the DriveUp & Go order pickup option, or have your items delivered to your home (schedule your pickup or delivery window with the app). Just keep in mind that you need to spend a minimum of $30 to place an online order (read: Safeway won’t drop off just a package of hot dog buns at your door). Delivery costs about $10 per order, but might be reduced if your amount equals $150 or more. Since grocery pickup and delivery are more popular than ever right now, you might find it tough to get a timeslot you like. No need to worry, though, because some stores are also partnered with Instacart or Door Dash for rush delivery (with contactless delivery options).

Holiday cooking can get kind of stressful, especially if you're juggling a kid — or three. So it's great that Safeway offers online ordering and delivery options, along with recipes and easy-to-make shopping lists, too. That, and the fact that Safeway is open on July 4, is certainly a reason to celebrate.

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