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Is Sansa Hiding A Pregnancy On 'Game Of Thrones'? There Could Be Another Bolton On The Way

Ramsay Bolton is the worst character on Game of Thrones, hands down. At the top of the long list of terrible things he's done on the show is his abuse and rape of Sansa. Sansa, who had to live through hell with Joffrey and then was married off to Tyrion (though he was actually a great husband), didn't really know what hell was until she was handed off to the Boltons. And now, some fans are wondering if Sansa is hiding a pregnancy from Ramsay on Game of Thrones.

Back when Sansa was with Ramsay, Petyr promised her she'd be safe. Either he told a boldfaced lie or he somehow didn't know just how terrible Ramsay really is, because that certainly wasn't the case. Seeing as how Petyr prides himself on knowing everything, the former would seem most likely, which is why Sansa is furious when she sees him again.

After accusing him of throwing her to the wolves with Ramsay, she asked him what exactly it is he thinks Ramsay did to her. After going through the list of Ramsay's abuses, Sansa tells Petyr that she can still feel what Ramsay did to her and not in her "tender heart."

"I can still feel what he did in my body, standing here right now," Sansa told Petyr.

This quote has left some fans wondering if there's a deeper meaning to Sansa's words. Is it possible she can still feel Ramsay in her body because she's pregnant? It's hard to tell just how many times Ramsay raped Sansa (and really we don't need to know) but Ramsay wouldn't have cared to make sure Sansa didn't get pregnant. In fact, he probably wanted her to get pregnant so he could have an heir with a Stark, strengthening his control over the North.

It wouldn't be all that surprising if Sansa was in fact pregnant, but it's doubtful that she really is. If she was pregnant when she left Winterfell, her jumping into the snow with Theon in order to escape probably would've caused her to miscarry. Moreover, there's been no evidence to indicate that Sansa is pregnant. She hasn't been ill and actually seems stronger than ever. On the other hand, if the writers really want to shock us with a Stark-Bolton baby it makes sense that we haven't really seen any hint of it yet (other than Sansa's recent one liner).

Still, Sansa being pregnant right now just seems like a stretch. However, if she is pregnant she could possibly use that to her advantage. Ramsay has always hated being a bastard and though he is crazy, terrible, and cruel, he'd want Sansa back safe and sound just to have his hands on that baby. Heirs and the passing down of the Bolton name has always been important to Ramsay, and he'd want his heir with him.

No matter how advantageous being pregnant could be for Sansa though regarding her safety, she's suffered enough. Carrying around the child of the man that raped her would just be another burden she has to deal with and that's not fair. Hopefully, Sansa wasn't trying to drop any hints with that quote and she's actually not with child. The last thing we need is another Bolton.