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Sasha Is In Danger On 'The Walking Dead'

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 14 ended with Sasha running straight into the Sanctuary on a suicide mission to kill Negan, leaving her temporary partner-in-crime Rosita locked out for her own safety. But is Sasha dead on The Walking Dead? It wasn't clear whether she was alive or not at the end of "The Other Side," but many fans have been wondering about the answer to that very question for weeks.

The signs that Sasha was a goner seemed to be stacking up as the episodes went by, though the main reason that fans worried for her fate was because actress Sonequa Martin-Green just landed a starring role on the new series Star Trek: Discovery. Having a major role on a new show could definitely be an indication that Sasha wasn't long for this world, though the show offered up plenty of reasons for her death to be plausible as well.

Sasha had been in a funk ever since Bob's death, and only seemed to come out of it when her weird little romance with Abraham started up. However, his death had a major impact on her. Sasha became all about taking down Negan no matter what would happen to her in the attempt. And she also spent all of "The Other Side" slowly bonding with the previously-icy Rosita, another sure sign that something bad could be waiting in the wings. Characters who are about to die generally get a bump in screen time and development on The Walking Dead, and Sasha was ticking off all the right boxes.

Though Martin-Green is apparently still a series regular on The Walking Dead, that doesn't mean there are any guarantees about Sasha. Though many characters have gotten inside the Sanctuary's walls and returned home safe, the fact that Sasha is out to kill Negan means that she's putting herself in a particularly dangerous situation. Unless singing him a song gets her off the hook like it did with Carl, Sasha very well could end up dead in the attempt. (And it's a definite that she won't succeed, because Negan is confirmed to be in Season 8.)

There are also signs from the comics that Sasha might die, though she has no comic counterpart to base those theories on. Instead, people have noted some similarities between Sasha and Comic Abraham's girlfriend Holly, whom he similarly left Rosita for. Holly became obsessed with killing Negan, got locked up in the Sanctuary for a while, and then returned to Alexandria as a zombie. If Sasha's story takes on some inspiration from the comics, then things look even worse for her.

It would be more shocking for the show to keep Sasha alive than to kill her off at this point, because there are so many indications that she won't make it out of the Sanctuary alive.