Saeed Adyani / Netflix

Sheila's Life On 'Santa Clarita Diet' Is Confusing

Do you like gore, blood, and an extra dose of hilarity? Than Netflix's new series, Santa Clarita Diet, is the right show for you. The show follows the Hammond family, which includes Sheila (played by Drew Barrymore), her husband Joel (played by Timothy Olyphant), and their daughter Abby (played by Liv Hewson). Sheila and Joel are married real estate agents and their lives are pretty normal for the most post... that is, until Sheila dies. Then things start getting kinda weird. So is Sheila a zombie on Santa Clarita Diet? Well, here's the thing — the characters on the show would prefer if you didn't use that term. Instead, Sheila seems to like referring to herself as an undead person.

There isn't a really clear explanation given for why Sheila died or why she becomes a member of the undead. So far, all that's been said is she died from a mysterious illness and then woke up dead. Sheila didn't even realize she was dead at first. She just noticed that she suddenly didn't have a heartbeat. She also only needs two hours and still has plenty of energy throughout the day. Not to mention the added bonus that she has way more confidence than she's ever had before. And it's all thanks to the fact that she now enjoys eating raw meat and people. (No big deal, though, right?) Besides that, though, she hasn't morphed into the typical definition of a full-blown zombie like the kind you'd see on The Walking Dead. In fact, just like almost every character Barrymore has played, she's perky, adorable, and absolutely charming. She just likes to eat people.

Sheila's new diet leads to her and Joel deciding they should only kill bad people as the means for her new food source. Apparently, if she doesn't curb her appetite for human flesh, she could lose control become a bit ravenous and just start eating anyone that's within her reach, which wouldn't be great for her husband and daughter. Therefore the couple becomes a murder team, but based on the trailer, it doesn't look like they're all that good at it, which will of course bring a lot of hilarity to the show. In the clip, it seems as though their daughter Abby will help them will their killings, ultimately making this is a family business. How fun!

While the premise of the show is definitely strange, that's a big part of what makes it so intriguing and you should definitely give it a try.

Santa Clarita Diet begins streaming on Netflix on Friday, Feb. 3.