Dustin Says His Girlfriend Is Real On 'Stranger Things' So Just Let It Go, OK?

Love is in the air on Stranger Things. Once the danger died down in Season 2, Eleven and Mike made their relationship official, with Max and Lucas following suit. Not to be left out, Dustin returns from summer camp in Season 3 declaring that he's found the girl for him. His girlfriend Suzie just doesn't live around here. And he can't call her on the phone, for reasons. So is Suzie a real person? Because just between you and me, she sounds pretty fake.

Warning: Spoilers for Stranger Things Season 3.

That question comes up again and again throughout the season. Dustin does so much bragging about Suzie that it's difficult to imagine a real person could live up to all the hype. As far as he's concerned, she's perfect: smart, pretty, and totally into him. She just happens to live in another state and has Mormon parents who can never know about Dustin because they wouldn't approve of him. Dustin can only communicate with her via a ham radio-like apparatus he builds himself and places on the highest hill in Hawkins. It's a lot of work to go through without much proof of Suzie's actual existence.

Though Dustin's friends don't want to hurt his feelings, they're all pretty doubtful about the mythical Suzie. But they're eating their words by the time Season 3 is through.


For most of the season, Dustin is too busy to get in touch with Suzie. First he has to translate a secret code he picked up on his radio in Russian, then figure out what it means, then break into a lab hidden underneath Starcourt Mall, then rescue Steve and new pal Robin from Russian operatives, then... You get the gist. Dustin has a lot on his plate. Concerns about confirming Suzie's identity fall by the wayside, though he never wavers about the fact that she's real. It just takes some time for the show to back him up.

In the finale, Dustin finally gets through to Suzie using his hilltop radio. That's when viewers see Suzie for the first time. Dustin may have made her sound like the Wonder Woman of Utah, but she's a perfectly normal little girl reading fantasy novels in her room and wondering why her boyfriend hasn't called her all week. She has pigtails and glasses and a habit of calling Dustin "Dusty-buns." In return, he calls her "Suzie-poo." Children should obviously not be allowed to come up with nicknames.


Dustin needs Suzie's help with their current mission to once again contain the Upside Down, though he doesn't give her all the details. "My friends and I routinely defeat monsters from an alternate dimension using only our infant wits and one girl's telekinetic powers" is probably a longer conversation than he had time for. But Suzie won't do something for nothing. In return for her help, she demands Dustin croon a song to her over the radio, which his friends will obviously be mocking him for from now until the end of time.

Despite all evidence to the contrary, Suzie ended up being real on Stranger Things, so maybe Dustin's friends should be more trusting next time.