Is Tantric Sex Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy can send you on a hormonal roller coaster. Some days you'll feel sexier than ever, an other days you don't even want your partner to look at you. When you are in the mood, however, you may wonder if anything is off limits during this critical time. Before you get down and dirty, you may want to know, is tantric sex safe during pregnancy?

You may never admit this in public, but you've probably worried about what happens to your baby when you have sex during your pregnancy. The good news is that your baby is safe and sound, protected by amniotic fluid and will not be harmed by your sexual activity. According to the Mayo Clinic, as long as there are no complications, it is totally OK to have sex during your pregnancy.

If you've been given the green light to get busy, your biggest concern will likely be your comfort as your belly grows. Early on in your pregnancy, you can feel free to get creative with your partner. As long as you're up to it, there's no position that is off limits. But after week 20, you should avoid positions like missionary, which require you to lay flat on your back. According to Parents, having sex in this position causes your uterus to put pressure on the aorta, compromising the flow of blood to the placenta. But what are the rules when it comes to tantric sex?

When you think about tantric sex, Sting is probably the first person who comes to mind. (Wait, is that weird?) The truth is, tantric sex is less about the quantity and more about the quality of your romantic connection with your partner. In fact, what most people don't know about this ancient Eastern practice is that the sex part of tantric sex is not required, according to Men's Journal.

According to Mind Body Green, tantric principles are all about using mindful sex to create deeper intimacy with your partner. The practice encourages couples to slow down their foreplay and lovemaking so that they are able to get more in tune with their bodies and their partner's body.

If you want to give tantric sex a try, the Yab Yum position is a great place to start, according to Men's Journal. First, have your partner sit cross-legged while you sit on top and face one another. Next, embrace each other as you work to synchronize your breath. This pose is just as sexy if you try it with your clothes on and — the best part — it's totally safe to try when pregnant.