Is Tantric Sex Safe Postpartum? It May Be More Beneficial Than You Think


If you've just had a baby, sex may be the furthest thing from your mind. (If you're thinking about it, however, that's OK too.) You're so busy trying to adjust to the never ending demands of motherhood, that your sexual satisfaction is probably low on your list of priorities. Once things get back to normal, however, you may want to add some spice to your love life. If you want to find a new way to get your groove back after baby, you may wonder, is tantric sex safe postpartum?

According to the Mayo Clinic, it's recommended that new moms wait between four and six weeks after delivery before having sex again. This is the time you'll need to allow your cervix to close and any childbirth-related lacerations to heal. But once you've been given the OK from your doctor to have sex again, tantric sex can be a great way to get back into the swing of things. Not only is it completely safe, it may be just the thing you need to reignite your love life and establish a deeper level of intimacy with your partner.

According to Mind Body Green, tantric sex is a spiritual practice with roots in ancient Eastern culture. When you practice tantric sex, your mental, physical, and emotional faculties are stimulated and then controlled to maximize your pleasure.

Though sex is a part of tantric sex, it's not the biggest part. Slow, synchronized breathing, eye contact, and touch are all important parts of establishing the important spiritual and emotional connection with your partner, as Mind Body Green noted. In fact, penetration is the final step in the process and isn't actually necessary.

Many new moms have a hard time getting used to their postpartum body. Tantric sex can help ease some of your anxiety about your postpartum body and help you feel sexy again. According to Prevention, tantric sex allows you to explore your own body and gain a better understanding of what turns you on. Also, the deep belly breathing that is such a big part of the process can help you relax and relieve stress. And what new mom doesn't need help relaxing?

As Baby Center mentioned, your partner may feel that you're becoming emotionally unavailable to them as you bond with your new baby. If you feel the need to reestablish your connection with your partner after the baby arrives, practicing tantric sex can be a great way to make sure you keep your love life interesting. When you're ready to have sex again, give tantric sex a try. You may not have a nine-hour lovemaking session, but the time you spend getting to know yourself and your partner will be worth it.