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Is Target Open On July 4th 2019? Their Store Hours Are Easy To Remember

By Emily Kelleher

When it comes to July 4th, Americans don't take the opportunity to celebrate lightly. According to a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation, 65 percent of Americans planned on celebrating with a barbecue or picnic last 4th of July, spending 7.1 billion dollars on food alone. When it comes to party prep, millions rely on super stores like Target as the one stop shop for everything from groceries to outdoor furniture. But that brings us to the big question: is Target open on July 4th? I mean, if the National Retail Federation survey is any way to judge, Target's going to be a busy place on Independence Day.

If you're like me and often get home from a day of errands only to realize you're out of a key ingredient for one of your recipes, you'll want to know which stores are open for last minute trips on the upcoming holiday. Independence Day falls on a Wednesday this year, causing some major confusion. It's a weekday, but also a holiday. So what's the deal?

You heard it here — all Target locations will be open this Independence Day. While this information isn't readily available on Target's website, a customer service representative confirmed it to me via the live chat feature on Target lovers, rejoice.

Most Target locations open at 7 or 8 a.m. and close at 10 or 11 p.m., so chances are when crisis strikes — you have unexpected dinner guests, the dog gets to the hot dogs before your guests can, the dryer shrinks your new flag tee — you'll be able to get to a Target.

What's more, Target has historically run several Fourth of July promotions, so you can expect to snag some deals should you visit the store on that day. In 2016, in Targets nationwide from July 2nd to 4th, spending 50 dollars on food and beverages earned you a 10 dollar gift card. Here's hoping this year will bring similar steals.

If you live in one of the 46 states that allow consumer fireworks, you can even buy fireworks at your local Target. To be sure, you can search for them on Target's website, and then use the "buy in store" feature to check your local franchise. Just be sure to exercise caution if you choose to pick up any fireworks. The National Council of Firework Safety recommends lighting one firework at a time in a clear outdoor area, having a hose and a bucket of water nearby, and disposing of fireworks by dipping them in water and placing them in a metal trash can for at least a day. They also warn that those handling fireworks should never be under the influence, so save the adult drinks for after the show.

Even if you're only experimenting with novelty sparklers, there are some sparkler safety tips you should follow. Sparklers should be handed to children before being lit, instead of being passed once lit, and those holding sparklers should stand at least 6 feet apart, Good Housekeeping reported. Remember to never wave or toss sparklers, and keep them away from young children.

If you're keeping things simple with a backyard barbecue, Target is the place to go for red, white, and blue paper goods and plastic cutlery, seasonal tablecloths, and even photo booth props. If you're looking to outfit your house, they offer a selection of flags, and if you need something to wear, you can find a whole section of red, white, and blue clothing and accessories on Target's website.

However you decide to celebrate this July 4th, you can rest easy knowing that Target will be open and waiting to serve your every last minute need. Cheers to life, liberty, and the pursuit of good deals.

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