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If Shopping Is Part Of Your Labor Day Weekend Plans, Target Won't Let You Down

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Labor Day weekend is approaching soon, and hopefully you're looking forward to some rest and relaxation time. But this three-day weekend also means plenty of businesses will be closed, too. So is Target open on Labor Day 2019, or will you have to go without the beloved retailer for this vacation day? For some people, a holiday weekend without Target is no holiday at all, because wandering those aisles is a mini-vacation.

Fortunately for fans of the beloved retailer everywhere, Target stores are open on Labor Day itself, according to So if you need to make a last-second run to the store for hamburger buns or mustard, Target has you covered. In fact, Target stores are generally only closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, according to Fansided. Of course, it's always smart to double-check your local store's exact hours of operation before committing to any serious Target plans. But for the most part, this fun big box store is open almost every day of the year.

So if you're planning to have a few people over Monday for a little Labor Day cookout or general get-together, keep the store with the bullseye in the back of your mind. It's an easy place to go for snacks, drinks, and even party decor. Granted, you might end up in the checkout line with a few things you didn't necessarily mean to buy, but that's the risk assumed when shopping in a Target store.

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Of course, plenty of people enjoy hitting up sales for Labor Day, and Target has you covered in that department, too. In fact, the Target Labor Day sale, which is live until Monday, Sept. 2, has some pretty great deals on just about everything in the store. Select patio furniture and clearance items are 25 percent off, and you can even receive a free $25 gift card when you spend $100 on toys and games. Early Christmas shopping, right? Whether you're in the market for new headphones or a fresh pair of leggings, Target probably has them on sale right now. That's the beauty of shopping at these stores that sell a little bit of everything.

If you're like many people, though, it's way too easy to wander through Target and basically add the entire store to your shopping cart. To make the most of these sales, learn more about the best deals for Labor Day weekend sales before you go. In fact, Target stocks some of the best things to buy during a Labor Day sale, including summery clothes and outdoor furniture. If you shop strategically, then this can add up to some major savings. It's definitely the best time of year to purchase a few specific types of sale items.

But if you do end up buying too many things at Target, well, that's OK too. Everyone needs to relax and unwind, and some people just do that best while wandering the aisles of Target. Enjoy Labor Day weekend your way this year, doing whatever makes you happy.

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