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Is Taylor Swift The Youngest Person Tom Hiddleston Has Dated? Does It Matter?

Nothing bothers me more than people picking apart age differences in couples. Which is why the attention about whether Taylor Swift is the youngest person Tom Hiddleston has dated or not sort of irks me. Sure, there are legal limits to age and I have been known to roll my eyes at a very old man with a very young girl. But it's usually not a judgement on their relationship as much as it is wondering what the heck a 64-year-old banking executive talks about over dinner with a 22-year-old film student... but who knows. Maybe they talk about Italian neo-realism and their favorite Oscar picks. I mean, it's really none of anyone's business.

I don't even know what me and my partners talk about. Since I was 22 years old, I have always dated up an age group, around the 30-35-years-old range. Now that they're my peers, I tend to browse in the just over 35 range. Who knows what will happen by the time I'm 40 years old. The fact of that matter is that the heart wants what the heart wants. More often than not, age doesn't matter — it's really about whether a couple gets along and and keep it all together. If they're having fun and seem happy and healthy, what's the problem?

Although, if you must know, Taylor and Tom have an age difference of almost 10 years, which, yes, makes her the youngest person he's been linked to. Regardless, world-traveled, successful 26-year-old Swift probably has a lot more in common with 35-year-old Hiddleston than your average 24-year-old male. It's not that big of a difference.

It also doesn't seem like either of them have a "type." Hiddleston has been publicly connected to quite a few women of all different ages.

Elizabeth Olson

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Although they dismissed the rumors, Hiddleston was linked to his 27-year-old I Saw The Light co-star. Again, not much of an age difference.

Kat Dennings

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In 2010, Hiddleston and Dennings, now 30, had a quick fling while promoting Thor together. Pretty age appropriate, if you ask me.

Jessica Chastain

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For a while, Hiddleston dated Chastain, now 39, after starring in Crimson Peak together in 2015. And how could you not after all those crazy sex scenes?

If you want to judge Tom Hiddleston for anything — and seriously, why would you?— it's that he has more of a penchant for his co-stars than for younger women. In fact, Swift might be the youngest romantic partner he's had in the past few years but she's also not an actress. So it's a new sort of thing for both of them.

Gossip aside, the two look like they're having fun together. There's nothing wrong with two grown ups getting to know each other.