This Theory About The Demogorgon From 'Stranger Things' Will Make You Question Everything

Stranger Things Season 2 is finally here, and while the new season focuses on a new monster, many can't forget the first one. During the Season 1 finale, Eleven faced off against the Demogorgon and destroyed it, but disappeared along with it. Now that it's confirmed Eleven only went to the Upside Down and is actually still alive and well, one has to wonder — is the Demogorgon really dead on Stranger Things? Right now, I'm not so sure.

When Eleven fought the Demogorgon, she used the last of her energy to destroy it. Using her telekinetic powers, she threw it against a chalkboard and then did something so that the Demogorgon seemed to explode in on itself. It disappeared into this very gross dark material that engulfed Eleven too, and then they were both gone. It's totally possible that dark stuff was what was left of the Demogorgon after Eleven blew it to smithereens, but if that's true why did it take Eleven to the Upside Down? If Eleven had just destroyed the Demogorgon, shouldn't she have just stayed where she was, and the body of the Demogorgon would have just disappeared?

A more logical explanation would be that Eleven didn't actually destroy the Demogorgon but instead somehow opened up a portal to the Upside Down that sent her and the Demogorgon there. Thus, she not only sent the Demogorgon back where it came from, but she accidentally sent herself there as well. It was Eleven who accidentally opened that portal to the Upside Down in the first place. It would make sense that she was able to do it again.

Additionally, in a sneak peek of Stranger Things Season 2, Eleven is seen coming back to Hawkins, Indiana through a portal in the school, possibly the same portal that she sent herself into when she "killed" the Demogorgon. If the Demogorgon is still alive, then this could mean the Demogorgon will return again this season.

However, as interesting as it'd be for the Demogorgon to make a surprise appearance in the second season of Stranger Things, don't count on it. The Duffer Brothers, who created the hit sci-fi series, seem pretty certain that the Demogorgon is dead and gone. In an interview with Variety last year, Matt Duffer said Eleven "destroyed and killed that monster," which seems pretty straightforward.

Still, that interview happened over a year ago, right after the first season was released. You can't expect him to reveal what would be an incredible plot point, right after the first season was released. Perhaps, the Demogorgon really is still alive, and they just didn't want to give it away.

Then again, maybe I'm reaching. Who knows? Thankfully, you no longer have to wait to find out. The new season is finally here, and whether or not the Demogorgon is in it, there will be another monster from the Upside Down and it will greatly impact Will, as well as the rest of Hawkins. Additionally, Eleven is definitely back, with more hair, and based on the trailers her powers may be even stronger now. However, it's unclear when exactly she'll meet up with her friends again, but I'm hoping it happens sooner rather than later. I need a Mike and Eleven reunion ASAP.

Along with the main cast returning, there are also a few new character this season, including step siblings, Billy and Max. With all this going on, you won't even notice if the Demogorgon doesn't return, and really, who needs it?

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