'The Incredibles 2' Will Come To Disney+, But You'll Want To Keep Busy While You Wait

Now that Disney+ has quickly become a staple in too-many-to-count households, chances are the sheer volume of amazing movies and TV series already available has simply blown you away. However, as some eagle-eyed Disney fans may have noticed, a few iconic titles are currently missing. For example, at the time of launch, The Incredibles 2 was not on Disney+, but will it ever make its way to the platform?

Considering The Incredibles is already on Disney+ and the sequel is a Disney/Pixar movie, it seemed odd that it's currently not available on the company's new streaming service. Thankfully, though, there's actually a pretty simple explanation behind it all.

As it turns out, Netflix still has the rights to exclusively stream The Incredibles 2 for a set amount of time, according to Screen Crush, so if you're itching to watch it right now, that's where you can find it. But when will The Incredibles 2 be making its move from Netflix to Disney+? The movie started streaming on Netflix in January 2019 and CNET reports that Disney's licensing contract for The Incredibles 2 with Netflix is expected to expire in July 2020, getting put on Disney+ possibly on July 30 of next year, so there's still some waiting ahead.

Other Disney favorites — such as Coco, for example — have yet to appear on Disney+. But rest assured, Disney+ subscribers, they too, will be making the great migration from Netflix. Coca is reportedly leaving Netflix on Nov. 29, and A Wrinkle in Time is reportedly leaving in March 2020. It's worth noting, though that some titles still have quite a bit of time to go before they'll be available for streaming on Disney+. Ralph Breaks the Internet was only added on Netflix in June 2018, and Mary Poppins Returns arrived in July. Which means you're looking at late 2020/early 2021 until they pop up on Disney+.

The bottom line: Yes, there are still quite a few Disney/Pixar/Marvel titles that aren't yet available on Disney+. But it's not because they'll never be on the new streaming service; it's just a contractual thing. In the meantime, the good news is there are plenty of other amazing TV shows and movies to keep you busy until the rest of your favorites finally drop on Disney+.