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The Man In Black's Fate On 'Westworld' Is Up In The Air

by Zakiya Jamal

There are only three episodes left in the second season of Westworld, so it shouldn't be surprising that the show that continues to blow everyone's mind has reached a climax. During Sunday night's episode it looked like the Man in Black, also known as William, may have finally met his maker. So is the Man in Black dead on Westworld?

Depending on how you feel about him you may be hoping he's finally been killed off. Or, you've got your fingers crossed this isn't the true end for one of the show's best villains. Whether you want to see him dead or not, it looks like this isn't the end of the road for the Man in Black. At least, not yet. Though the trailer for the next episode didn't give any insight into the Man in Black's fate, the trailer for the final three episodes may have given fans a hint.

For a brief moment in the preview, the Man in Black is seen holding a gun to his head, which definitely seems to indicate he's still among the living. However, the gun that he's holding to his own head seems to indicate this may not last for long. But what could possibly have made the Man in Black, who's been honestly enjoying the change up in Ford's narrative, decide to give in and end his own life. Perhaps it was all those bullet wounds he suffered from at the hands of Maeve and Lawrence.

During Sunday night's episode, the Man in Black confronted Maeve and her daughter, just as he'd done before, but this time Maeve wasn't having it. Unfortunately for the Man in Black, he underestimated Maeve and her ability to control the other hosts. Maeve used the other hosts to shoot the Man in Black and then when he turned to Lawrence for help, Maeve helped Lawrence remember all the things the Man in Black had done to him in the past. With those memories, Lawrence decided to turn his gun from Maeve to the Man in Black and then shoot.

Lucky for the Man in Black, Lee and some other people from Delos arrived and shot Lawrence before he could kill the Man in Black. Maeve also got shot in the process, but Lee took her back to the base. Unfortunately for the Man in Black, the humans didn't rescue him from the park, leaving him bleeding out on the ground. Though in Lee's defense, it didn't seem like they saw the Man in Black lying there at all.

Regardless, after being shot multiple times things definitely aren't looking good for the Man in Black. Perhaps he'll decide to end his life, rather than suffer until the very end. Still, that doesn't really seem like the Man in Black's style. He's never been a quitter and throughout this season he was determined to see the "game" to the very end. Although he's certainly in dire straights, would that really be enough to make him give in? It's hard to say.

However, even if the Man in Black gives up there's also the possibility that his daughter, Emily, saves him, despite the fact that he left her behind. Emily came to the park solely to bring her father home and she's already proven that she's quite resourceful. It wouldn't be surprising if she found her father and nursed him back to health, whether he wants her to or not. Emily said she wasn't leaving the park without him, and that certainly seems like a promise she plans to keep.

Thus, even though the Man in Black is currently severely injured, I wouldn't give up on him just yet. He pay be hurt, but he's not out of the game yet.