Tia Is Keeping Her Love Life Under Wraps After 'The Bachelor'

I have to admit that I am a total fan of Tia and really hope that she wins Arie's heart on The Bachelor. But since there are three other candidates still in the running, some people may be wondering: is Tia single after The Bachelor? If I'm judging solely by her social media accounts, I'm tempted to lean more toward a yes, she's still single. Which also means that it's unlikely Arie ends up picking her in the end, though I think it will be a hard decision for him to make nonetheless.

Arie is hard to predict, but he does seem very into Tia, especially given that he basically took her advice and dumped Bekah M. after the Arkansas-native warned him that she might be too young to be ready to settle down. You have to love a guy who actually listens. But that doesn't mean he'll end up in front of her on bended knee when the finale rolls around.

Since the show started, Tia has been posting on social media a ton, even though it's often official stills from the show or throwbacks she took on the various Bachelor trips. That being said, there are a few "real-time" photos mixed in there, but they don't give a clear idea about where she is and what she's been up to since filming ended. For good reason, too.

According to Ranker.com, contestants can't talk about the show until it's done airing, even to their family members. "If they breach this part of the contract, ABC is within its bounds to seek legal recourse or monetary compensation. If you're the star, you can be on the hook for up to $5 million," the site reports.

So, it's intentionally difficult to tell whether she's single or not, but she definitely has a lot going on. There are a few pics of her and Arie that were taken during filming, which could be her way of getting around the rules about not spoiling the outcome of the show but also posting pics of her boyfriend. Or maybe that's just wishful thinking on my part? Regardless, she's been staying busy.

She's Still Training

She said she has a "lot on her mind" in the caption of this photo, but who knows if it's because she and Arie are picking out china patterns or because she's plotting her petition to be the next Bachelorette.

She's Meeting With Friends

Back in January, she and Raven had a cocktail date, but there's no ring on that finger that I can see.

She Got Stranded

Sounds like she's been having some chill stay-at-home nights these days. But there's no Arie to the rescue on this one?

She Goes To Bed Early

But Arie's an old soul, too, so this could be a good thing.

She Already Has A First Love

Tia posts tons of pictures of her dog, Marlo. Hopefully, Arie likes him just as much as she does. And Arie's dog Bastian does, too.

Then There's This

Tia does not hold back when she live tweets and this comment has me thinking that she was throwing some shade. Because if she ended up winning, wouldn't that be kind of a rude way to brag? Although she's right, Arie is the master of faking people out. Bekah M., for example, did not see her elimination coming. Could this be Tia teasing that the same thing happens to her?

The tweet would back up some other things that Arie's said in the media about how the season ends. He told Variety that he does end up falling for two women and that there was some "drama" about the final rose. He also said that once he was done with the show, he just wanted to get back to normal life, which is something Tia seems to be doing, whether she's an engaged woman or not.

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