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Lifetime Is About To Unpack The Cinderella Story With 'To Have & To Hold'

I don't know about you, but I love a good movie or TV series based on a book. Honestly, it doesn't even have to be a popular book. If the adaption is done well enough, I'm more likely to read the book. It's a win-win for all involved. Lifetime is one of the networks that's good at pulling obscure novels and transforming them into an exciting new project. With a slew of new original movies coming to the network this summer, it's only natural to ask, is To Have and to Hold based on a book?

Last summer, Deadline reported three new Lifetime movies which would all be based on international best-selling books by author Jane Green. All three movies,Tempting Fate, Family Pictures, and To Have and to Hold were executive produced by Grey’s Anatomy‘s Kim Raver.

Alyssa Milano leads the first of the trilogy of movies cast, Tempting Fate — which Raver co-directed with her hubby, Manu Boyer, but To Have and To Hold has another female lead you might recognize — Erika Christensen. She's been in quite a few things you may have seen, including Parenthood, Six Degrees, and Wicked City. The film also stars Antonio Cupo, Andy Favreau and Carmel Amit.

The book, which was initially a hit in Britain, follows 28-year-old caterer, Alice. She has an image of the life she wants, which she thinks can be attained if she marries her teen crush, Joe. He's wealthy and good-looking, looking for a bride he can mold into the perfect socialite. By that, I mean he wants to change practically everything about her: her diet, her hair, her clothes — everything. And while she loves gardening and cozy clothes, he has no desire for nature or kids or anything she pictured having in her future. But, in exchange for the Cinderella story, she goes a long with it, even at the expense of her hopes, dreams, and sense of self. You'd think all that would be enough, but Joe eventually proves to be unfaithful and Alice's life is turned upside down. All of that cheating interferes with Joe's career, forcing them to move, and Alice questioning whether any of this was the right decision — or if this is true love at all. It's not until Alice's best friend's boyfriend provides understanding and comfort, does Alice begin to wonder if she could find a happy ending — however different it may look — after all.

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I haven't read the book, and I'm not sure how I feel about Alice going after her best friend's dude, but it definitely sounds like a Lifetime Original movie. The author, Green, is, according to her website, the New York Times bestselling author of the cookbook, Good Taste, and nineteen novels, including To Have and to Hold. She's sold over ten million books in 25 languages, hosts a radio show in London, and has six — six! — children. The woman is busy.

Lifetime's Tanya Lopez told Deadline why they optioned three of Green's books for film saying, "Jane Green’s novels are addictive, fun, juicy and wise — just like a great Lifetime Movie — so to bring the two genres together is incredibly thrilling. "With Kim set to direct and Alyssa as the star to kick off the first of the series by Jane, it is the perfect trifecta."

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Though Tempting Fate already aired, To Have and to Hold should be part of your June 22 lineup (with Family Pictures wrapping things up on June 29).