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Is Trader Joe's Open On Christmas? They Always Do Right By Their Employees

The most exciting part of my week is when I go to Trader Joe's to duke it out with my fellow New Yorkers for fresh spaghetti sauce and prepackaged salads. There's nothing like the thrill of feverishly weaving in and out of the mass of shoppers as I hunt for carrots, chicken, or whatever other basic I need to survive the week. I'm pretty much a pro at the weekly TJ's race to the checkout line by now, but I don't think I could compete with the holiday shoppers who have the Trader Joe's Christmas week hours memorized.

Because I'm not as prepared as other TJ's enthusiasts I only just discovered that Trader Joe's won't be open on December 25. Indeed, all Trader Joe's locations will close at 6:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve and will remain closed until the 26th, as confirmed by a Trader Joe's rep, because the chain is giving all of its employees the holiday off to spend with their families. Normal hours resume the day after Christmas (you can look up when your Trader Joe's opens here). Don't expect the closures to make your TJ's holiday shopping experience any less crowded, though. If anything, the store is probably going to be full of more people than it usually is, as everyone will be trying to get what they need for their holiday dinners. The earlier you can get there the better if you want to ensure you'll get everything on your shopping list.

But Trader Joe's isn't all hype with no pay off; there are actually a ton of reasons people choose it over other grocers. First, the store's prices are some of the most reasonable you'll see on the market these days, which is always a benefit. Plus, TJ's has branded itself as an affordable and healthy option for shoppers since it opened in the fifties by focusing on "Value," according to the Trader Joe's website, which means "great everyday prices on all of our great products — no sales, no gimmicks, no clubs to join, no special cards to swipe." And in my experience, that message is translating. I always think of Trader Joe's as the best grocery store option when I'm looking for food that's good for me and that won't cost an arm and a leg, but don't just take it from me:

Aubrey and over 117,000 people agree with me. And it's seriously true!! I buy a Trader Joe's burrito every week for lunch thinking I'm making a healthy choice, when I would never do the same at another grocery store. Funny tweet aside, Trader Joe's really is rockin' it these days, and the packed stores are proof.

So you can expect your local Trader Joe's to be crowded for the holidays as shoppers try to find the most affordable and best tasting ingredients for their signature holiday dishes. People might even come especially for items on the Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer Holiday Guide, and by the way, if you haven't checked that out yet, you should. The store has all kinds of seasonal specials, including special discounts on Trader Joe's eggnog and seasonal wreaths. So go forth my fellow Trader Joe's shoppers, and know that you won't be alone as you battle your way through the frozen food aisle.

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