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If You Need Last Minute Groceries On Memorial Day, Trader Joe's Has Your Back

Memorial Day surprises me every year. The holiday seems to take forever to get here, and when it does, I'll inevitably find myself totally unprepared. It will be Sunday at 8 p.m. before I realize I have a bare cabinet taunting me. No doubt I'll be googling Trader Joe's Memorial Day 2019 hours to see if I'm going to have rush to the store that night to have something to feed my household come Monday, or if I can put it off until the next day. I'm happy to report for me and last minute shoppers everywhere, TJ's is pulling through for the procrastinating population.

Trader Joe's will be open on Memorial Day according to Holiday Shopping Hours, despite the federal holiday. Federal employees nationwide are given Memorial Day off in honor of all the soldiers who died in military service, and most private companies follow suit, which is why you might not have to go to work on May 27. However, a lot of retailers and grocery stores stay open, though many of these establishments may not observe their normal Monday hours even if they do plan on being open, so check out your local store's hours before you head out.

TJ's is always waiting to welcome you with open arms, filling its shelves with a plethora of items just waiting to be bought. (Assuming you can elbow your way to the products through their ever-crowded aisles). But their seasonal offerings make it extra exciting to head to the store for a food run, because you get to explore a whole new range of products when the seasons shift. While fall is the time of pumpkin spice everything, summer at TJ's means lighter fruit flavors and fresh produce galore. For instance, they just announced their Sparkling Watermelon Juice, an exclusive summer beverage that would totally refresh you on a hot day. They're selling for $4 per 4-pack, and they'll only be available through summer. Trader Joe's will keep rolling out seasonal products as summer gets closer, so keep an eye on their Dig In page for updates. (Or just head to the store.)

You can also check their Fearless Flyer for any products they're featuring. The flyer is updated monthly, highlighting different items based on what's available in stores and what's in season. May's flyer features things like tropical fruit, fig and olive crisps, and seltzers, hinting at the summery foods that will be promoted in the coming months. Check back in for the June flyer in a few weeks, and it's possible you'll spot refreshing treats like popsicles and juices.

My final Memorial Day advice to you all: Hit up Trader Joe's Wine Shop if you're lucky enough to live near one and are in the mood for a grown up drink for the long weekend. They've got pretty much any wine and bubbly you could want at really great prices, which is especially ideal if you're throwing a party. Here's to that barbecue you're either hosting or attending.