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Trump May Have Things to Say About The Grammys

At the 59th Annual Grammys Awards, no one was exactly shy about their political opinions. Starting with Joy Villa's "Make America Great Again" dress and Paris Jackson's shout out of support for pipeline protests, it did not stop all night. Which makes me wonder, is Trump watching the 2017 Grammys? If he is, we're sure to find out soon enough thanks to social media.

Our president (no, it's not a dream, this is real life) has never been exactly shy on Twitter. And Trump's reaction to the plethora of negative comments about him are consistently called out on his social media platform time and time again. If he is watching the Grammys, there's sure to be at least one tweet calling the performers "overrated," probably in all caps. Even host James Cordon made a joke about how any negative tweets you saw on his tweet scroller were "fake tweets!" in reference to Trump's propensity to call anything negative about him "fake." So since there were a few political statements at the Grammys this year, it's a good bet to assume that Trump is going to sound off on how he feels about all of that on his favorite soapbox: Twitter. It's also a good bet to assume it's not going to be super positive.

For example, we know for a fact that he watches, or at least is told about, Saturday Night Live, which often skewers him in hilarious sketches that Trump will then whine about on social media the following day. Or sometimes in the very wee hours of the morning. At the Golden Globes, Meryl Streep gave a beautiful, heartwarming speech about inclusion and empathy, and directly called out Trump's "performance" when he mocked a disabled reporter in the meanest way possible. Predictably, the following day, Trump tweeted that Streep was "overrated." Which, by the way, she's definitely not, which you would know if you've been to the movies at all in the past 30 years.

It's not that hard to imagine Trump sitting on his golden couch in his golden tower watching the Grammys and repeatedly shouting at the TV every time his name is mentioned, which honestly wasn't as often as I thought it would be. If that is the case, just hold tight. A vitriolic tweet is sure to be forthcoming, decrying everyone on stage, and the nation in general for daring to call him childish.