Get Your Victoria Beckham Kids' Clothes While You Can

Sometimes, it seems that the universe decides to smile down on us mere mortals and bless us all with something truly amazing. Proof of such instances can be found in edible cookie dough, Chrissy Teigen's Twitter profile, and Target. And now, the universe has decided to double down on the blessings, because as of today, Victoria Beckham's Target collection has officially been released. And, as all good things are ought to do, it's already starting to sell out, in stores and online. So, is Victoria Beckham's Target collection for kids already sold out? You might want to go ahead and grab your favorites while you still can.

Fortunately, the collection includes clothes for both women and girls, so there might still be hope for your little one. Sunday marked the official release for the designer's new affordable collaboration with Target, and pieces have already started flying off the shelves. And while moms can definitely get a wardrobe update for themselves from Beckham's new collection, her new clothes for little girls are just about the sweetest thing, and perfect for spring and summer.

The designer's collection is already incredibly popular, and you should probably get online ASAP, or just run to your nearest Target to see what kind of offerings they have left (before sneaky re-sellers swoop in and buy everything up to post online elsewhere).

So far, many of the girls' dresses are already sold out online, although larger sizes tend to be more available. For example, the "Girls' Blush Flower Pocket Drop Waist Dress" (pictured below) is sold out in all sizes online, but still available in some stores.

And fortunately, it seems that most of the products that are sold out are the items featured earlier on in the website, so scrolling past those first few dresses might prove to be a beneficial decision. The more casual pieces are also available, like the "Girls' Grey Stripe Cap Sleeve Peasant Dress," which is only sold online.

And that's not all. For your littlest girls, the Victoria Beckham Target collection features some very posh pieces for toddler and baby girls as well, an luckily, they're pretty well-stocked. Take the "Toddler Girls' Pressed Floral Satin Ruffle Hem Dress," which still has all sizes available online, for example:

The "Baby Bee Print Pleated Romper," is, unfortunately sold out at the moment, but, thankfully, there's still a similar sleeveless dress for sale:

If your little one is more a fan of the whole pants/shorts option, there are these adorable sets as well:

So get to it. The Victoria Beckham for Target collection is sure to sell out in stores quickly (if it hasn't already), and online sales will probably follow soon behind.