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Here's What You Need To Know About Walmart's Holiday Hours

In our convenience-obsessed culture, we're used to getting what we want. Between online shopping and extended store hours, it's easy to accommodate impulse purchases and last-minute ideas. Of course, you're already done all of your holiday prep and shopping, right? If you're laughing, you're probably like me, stricken with the fear of forgetting. I store boxes and shopping bags in the attic and procrastinate wrapping anything until Christmas Eve, so it's entirely possible I'll realize I neglected to buy a gift or run out of tape and wrapping paper at midnight. Then I'll wonder, is Walmart open on Christmas? Unfortunately for all the procrastinators out there (like me), the answer seems to be no.

Walmart doesn't post general holiday hours on its website, so you should call your local store to confirm. According to the associate I spoke with at my nearest Walmart, they will close at 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve, stay closed through Christmas Day, and resume regular hours on Dec. 26. Luckily Christmas Eve is on a Sunday this year, so you don't need to worry about rushing to Walmart after work. However, you'll still need to plan ahead because picking up a host or hostess gift on your way to Christmas dinner is not an option. I'm definitely going to run out for extra wrapping supplies so I'm prepared for Santa duty the night before Christmas.

What do you need to know about finishing your holiday shopping at Walmart? They're currently offering free two-day shipping and the option to pick up your online order in a store if you check out by 4 p.m. on Dec. 23. Free same-day pickup is also an option to keep in mind not only for Christmas, but also kids' birthday parties and other events you have to shop for throughout the year.

If you need inspiration, check out Walmart's last-minute gifts guide. It includes presents for adults and kids; some of the items have recently had their price rolled back and some are best-sellers in their category. Walmart's complete holiday shop features not only gifts but also holiday decorations, stocking stuffers, and more. Browse their seasonal page for lots of ideas, the featured find of the day, and beyond-Christmas items you'll need for the rest of winter, such as cold weather gear or fitness products to jump start those New Year's resolutions.

But if you were hoping Walmart was open on Christmas for last-minute batteries, tape, and wrapping paper, you're in luck. There are a few other retailers open on Christmas Day, like Walgreen's and CVS, that will have any essentials you may need. Honestly, the best thing to do is a quick inventory in the week leading up to Christmas and make sure you're fully covered. Check everything from laundry detergent to battle those gravy stains on the tablecloth to batteries so Santa's gifts aren't totally useless and stuck in the box. Make sure your grandma has a gift card from you already in her stocking and that any candy your kiddos love to munch on Christmas afternoon is in the house.

Seriously, nobody wants to run around on Christmas Day and nobody wants to work. Can you imagine being a Walmart employee working the holiday season? I say those employees deserve more than just a one day break and the least we all can do is make sure all of our shopping is covered before Dec. 25. You have until 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve to get everything checked off your list, so head out as soon as you can to make sure there are no loose ends.

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