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Here's What Walmart's Store Hours Will Look Like On Easter Sunday

The sight of an empty bag of coffee beans is terrifying on a weekend morning. Finding the energy to run to the store is hard enough on such an occasion, but realizing you don't have all the provisions you need for an Easter egg hunt and don't know if Walmart is open Easter 2019 just as you're about to hop in the car on Sun morning makes everything worse. Being half asleep, in desperate need of coffee, and unprepared for a full day of activities is like a horror story. Lucky for you, the superstore isn't gonna fail you now.

According to Good Housekeeping, Walmart Supercenter locations will all be maintaining their 24/7 hours on Easter, as they know your store needs don't stop just because it's a holiday. In fact, it's more likely you'll need to head to the store anyway, as you're bound to have underestimated how much candy the kids need for the egg hunt or how much OJ you need for the mimosa mix. (I advise you always buy a bottle more than you think you need.) But Walmart grocery stores will be following their typical Sunday schedules, so you'll need to check your local store's hours before heading their way. You can find out more about your location's hours on the Walmart website.

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If your local store does happen to have limited hours on Sundays, Walmart isn't your only option on Easter for that last minute coffee run. Trader Joe's locations will be open on Easter until 5 p.m., with the exception of the Portland, Maine location, as the TJ's website reports. Kroger stores will be open with their normal hours according to Holiday Shopping Hours, as will Whole Foods as is listed on their website. So you'll have some backups if the closest Walmart doesn't come through.

I know you'd probably rather not have to go to the store at all on a holiday, but hitting up the chain on Easter Sunday might be a good idea because of Walmart's line of festive products for the occasion. They have pretty much everything you could need if you're hosting a pastel-themed celebration, from party supplies to candy to home decor. Even if you're just there for the coffee, you won't be able to miss the bounty of egg and bunny-themed items they've got. Of course you could also pick up these things in advance though, which might be preferable if you want to ensure you get the exact Easter gear you want. And considering they have Paw Patrol baskets ($18, Walmart) and Cotton Candy Flavored Peeps ($2, Walmart), I'd recommend hitting 'em up early to ensure you get the best they have to offer.

So rest assured that if you find you need a last minute thing or 20 on Easter Sunday — if you just want to shop for the week like it's a regular weekend because your family doesn't observe the holiday, you can count on your local Walmart store to be open its normal Sunday hours.