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If You Need To Shop On Labor Day, Walmart Has Your Back

by Lindsay E. Mack
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One of the best three-day weekends of the year is fast approaching, and for many families that equals a mini-vacation filled with relaxation and cookouts. But even the chillest hangout weekend requires a little preparation. So is Walmart open on Labor Day 2019? It helps to plan ahead for those last-minute dashes to the store. Hey, it's hard to predict when the family will run out of napkins or ketchup in the middle of a cookout party, even if you're a great party planner.

Although the major retailer does close for certain holidays, Walmart stores are open for Labor Day, per Store Business Hours. That said, general store hours do vary a little bit by location. For instance, some stores in my city have closing times of 10:00 pm, whereas others are open until midnight. And some stores are even open 24 hours a day. So your local retailer will be open on this day, but it's still smart to double-check their exact operating hours. But chances are high that if you need anything at all on Labor Day itself, from condiments to batteries to lighter fluid, your local Walmart will have it at the ready. That's the beauty of these stores that stock a little bit of everything, because you never know when you'll need some random but necessary household item.

If you're planning a Labor Day cookout, then Walmart might be your biggest help this year. As you might expect, the store is selling everything you could need for a final summer feast. Cookies, chips, condiments, sauces, drinks, and almost anything for the grill are on sale in their grocery department.

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In fact, many Walmart stores offer free grocery pickup, so you don't even have to get out of the car when you're shopping. Seriously, you can pull up in your car, have someone else put all the groceries in your trunk, and then go on your way. This kind of service is one of the best things to happen to busy families, mostly because you don't have to chase the kids around the toy section when you just want to grab a pack of hot dog buns and go. Really, many of my mom friends with very young kids swear by grocery pickup services.

As you might expect, Walmart also has some pretty great Labor Day sales going on now, so you and your family might find another reason to visit the nearest Supercenter. Pools, patio decor, outdoors equipment, and summery fashions are just a few of the things on sale, as noted on If you're into Labor Day sales, then put Walmart on your radar.

Oh, and just for future reference, Walmart stores very rarely close for a holiday. In fact, Walmart stores close for Christmas Day and part of Christmas Eve, as noted in Time. That's pretty much it. For the vast majority of the time, these stores are always open. So enjoy shopping at Walmart on Labor Day, as well as almost every other day of the entire year.

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