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Here Are Walmart's Memorial Day Hours So You Can Plan In Advance

Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer for many of us. There are cookouts and ceremonies and pool parties galore. But the thing about all those parties is that you have to be prepared for them. Being a mom, a writer, and a graduate student means that I don't always get stuff done ahead of time, and I find myself scrambling at the last minute. I need to know — is Walmart open on Memorial Day? I plan on hitting it up on my way out to the Hamptons because I totally forgot to order the burger buns and mustard from my grocery service.

To find out, I called the corporate headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas, and they assured me that their stores will not only be open, but that many will be having their own Memorial Day cookouts outside of the stores benefitting different charitable organizations from the Boy Scouts to the Amvets. Unless there's a specific city or state ordinance that changes their ability to remain open or forces them to shift their hours, Walmart stores are open for business, and the super center Walmarts are still open for all 24 hours of the holiday. So there's no need to panic if you run out of napkins or diapers — you can still get them on Monday.

I can't tell you how often I forget to buy something only to have to hit up the grocery store mere moments before the party. It seems that even though I am obsessed with lists and reminders, my ADHD just cannot let me win a holiday. Thankfully, there's a Walmart right off the highway on my way to the beach. Even better, it's right beside a wine and liquor superstore so that I can stock up on rosé and gin in one trip.

The really nice thing about Walmart being open is that the Walmart on Long Island in the summer is always having some sort of charitable cause with a barbecue or selling different prepared foods. The last time I was there, one of the local animal charities was selling cookies and lemonade and using the donations made to purchase more animal food and bedding from the very Walmart they were set up in front of. They actually had lists available if you felt like adding a few of their needed items to your shopping cart while you chowed down on the frosted goodness.

At the time of publishing, there's not a lot of info on Walmart's Memorial Day sales. But of course, that's not the reason for the weekend. My family and friends have a lot of soldiers serving and who have passed during their service, as well as police officers and firefighters, so I understand the idea that a mattress sale might be offensive. But when it comes to prepping for your celebration, don't get too worried. I've never met a soldier who would say that a party isn't a good way to honor their service. In fact, the bigger party the better. Just be sure to talk openly about the sacrifice so many members of our armed forces have made, and how their work and duty is what has enabled you to enjoy your hot dogs and BBQ.

The party I go to every year is hosted by a United States Marine and his husband who served in the Royal Air Force. You've never been to a party until you've been to one of their feasts. I just wish I knew which chips were on sale. I don't need to question if Walmart is open on Memorial Day as much as I need to figure out what to grab.