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Annalise Left Fans Confused On 'HTGAWM'

Fans knew to expect a lot of twists and turns throughout the two-hour Season 3 finale of How To Get Away With Murder. And while finding out Wes' killer was certainly at the top of that list, there was another moment that left many fans puzzled. So is Wes really Annalise's son on How To Get Away With Murder? The speech she gave at her AA meeting brought forward a very important question.

She started out by talking about how she knew this boy and how she came to care for him deeply. In fact, she couldn't help but place herself into his life in order to try to make his life better. She wanted to protect him, but in doing so it lead to his eventual downfall. Annalise stated that he probably would've had a much better life if she'd just stayed away. Obviously, viewers knew she was referring to Wes. However, things started to get a little murky when she broke down and stated that he "felt like her son" and even went so far as to say that it was because "he was her son." Naturally, this sent Twitter into an immediate frenzy with many people wondering if this was actually true, since it's a topic that's been theorized for quite some time.

But before you start completely freaking out over this information, I think it's important to take a second look at what she was really trying to say here. Granted, I didn't write the episode, so I can't say for sure if this was how it was supposed to be perceived. But the way I interpreted it was that she cared so much about him that he was basically her own son in her eyes. Not on a literal level, but more on a symbolic one. I know it's easy to just take characters at their word with these types of things, but in this particular context I believe the statement was meant in a different way.

I'm sure the truth will get sorted out eventually. And let's not forget that we've seen Wes' mom and been given specific details about how she became pregnant with him. We also saw Annalise lose her own son in the delivery room in a heartbreaking scene that I'll never be able to forget. So it just wouldn't make sense for Wes to be her biological son. For me, he was just her son in every way that it counted. She loved him and wanted the best for him.

Sadly, things didn't work out that way in the end, but the sentiment is still nice. Annalise felt very close to Wes and that's a big part of what made his death so difficult to bear.