Whole Foods store front labor day  hours
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Planning On Shopping At Whole Foods For Your Labor Day Cookout? Call In Advance

by Lindsay E. Mack

Labor Day is one of the most low-key holidays around, but it's helpful to know whether your usual haunts will still be available. For instance, is Whole Foods open on Labor Day 2020? You might want to mark the end of summer with some of their organic fruits and veggies, after all.

Fans of the supermarket chain can keep their chill. "Our stores will be open on Labor Day," as a Whole Foods rep tells Romper via email. "Updates to store hours around holidays are typically posted 7 days in advance." It's still a good idea to double-check the hours at your local Whole Foods, but you'll probably be able to rely on them for snacks and recipe ingredients throughout the 3-day weekend. This is exciting news for anybody who could go for a giant slice of their fresh pizza for Labor Day.

Need some inspiration for your family's Labor Day weekend menu? Get trendy with some summer salad recipes from TikTok, including a little watermelon and feta number that looks super refreshing. If you're throwing a final cookout, then consider the grill recipes that aren't hamburgers and hot dogs, such as kebabs or paprika chicken. Best of all, if you happen to run out of anything at the last minute, you can probably pop down to Whole Foods for the last of your Labor Day food shopping.