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Is Whole Foods Open On Thanksgiving? You Know You'll Need That One Last-Minute Item


Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and people all across the United States have been planning their menus for weeks. Mashed potatoes? Check. Pumpkin pie? Check. Cranberry sauce? Check. (Plus a reminder to halve that recipe since it never gets finished.) But if you're anything like me, the frenzy of Thanksgiving will catch up with you, and come Thursday morning, you'll realize you're missing a few special ingredients. Whole Foods has so many special Thanksgiving offerings this year, so people may be wondering: will Whole Foods be open on Thanksgiving?

Based on the grocery chain's website, yes, Whole Foods will be open for business on Thanksgiving Day — but for limited hours. On Thanksgiving, which is on Thursday, Nov. 22 this year, most Whole Foods locations will be open until sometime in the early afternoon. I scrolled through a variety of random Whole Foods locations on the store's website, and it looks like most stores will either be open until 2 or 3 p.m., but it's worth knowing that some stores are also opening an hour or two later than usual that day.

Additionally, on the day before and the day after Thanksgiving, some Whole Foods stores are slightly shortening their hours by opening a bit late and/or closing a bit early.

Basically, because each Whole Foods location has different daily hours, the hours on Thanksgiving also vary from store to store. Luckily, it's easy to look up your local store on the website, where holiday hours for the week of Thanksgiving are already listed.

And while most people (myself included) would like to think that they can snag everything they need in advance for cooking a huge Thanksgiving dinner, there's always that one thing you absolutely need that you initially forget. There's also always that one annoying family member who won't stop hovering over you in the kitchen. So feel free to send cousin Craig out for another bag of sugar, because Whole Foods' doors should be open during most of your prime cooking time.

And staying open isn't the only awesome thing Whole Foods is doing for Thanksgiving this year. The company is also offering Thanksgiving feasts, which are pre-made bundles of various Thanksgiving dishes. These should be ordered in advance, and can be picked up or delivered in the week or so leading up to Thanksgiving. Most of the pre-designed bundles center around turkey, but if you're not an animal-eater, have no fear! Whole Foods is also offering endless vegan Thanksgiving options this year.

Chef Jeremy Fox's Vegan Meal for 2 comes with mouth-watering dishes like the Romanesco Cauliflower Roast and Sweet Potato Blondies, and you can also order a slew of vegan Thanksgiving sides and desserts à la carte. This is a particularly great option for any home chefs who want to make sure there will be enough vegan or vegetarian options for guests.

And the best part of these offerings? Based on the photos, all of Whole Foods' Thanksgiving dishes look pretty dang homemade. If you decide to order everything for your big dinner from Whole Foods and pass it off as your own, I totally won't judge you. Just make sure you still send cousin Craig out to your local Whole Foods to throw your guests off the trail.