Helen Sloan/HBO

Wun Wun Returns To 'Game Of Thrones'

One of the most gut-wrenching deaths in the Battle of the Bastards was the moment Ramsay Bolton's men took down Wun Weg Wun Dar Wun, the free folk giant better known as Wun Wun. But our first glimpse of the White Walker army in the Season 7 premiere featured some suspiciously tall figures. So is Wun Wun a wight on Game of Thrones? Unfortunately, we have indeed lost him to the Night King.

We first met Wun Wun in Hardhome, the free folk fishing village north of The Wall where Wildlings managed to find a tiny bit of shelter from White Walkers. Back in Season 5, Jon Snow took the Night's Watch to Hardhome in an effort to convince the Wildlings to return to Castle Black with them, and, as you may recall, it turned into the site of Season 5's big battle episode. During the Battle of Hardhome, the village was beset by White Walkers, and, unable to fight them off, everyone who died there was resurrected as a wight. Wun Wun managed to escape, along with Jon Snow, a handful of other wildlings, and most of the Night's Watch. In fact, he successfully destroyed a bunch of wights by ripping them apart with his (very large) bare hands, stomping them to (re?)death, and fighting them off with a burning log before he simply wades out into the sea to get away from them.

The surviving Wildlings briefly declared mutiny against Jon Snow, but eventually followed him to The North, where they helped him defeat Ramsay Bolton in the Battle of the Bastards. Jon's army was on the verge of brutal defeat when they were rescued by the Knights of the Vale at the eleventh hour. Wun Wun, who had already been badly injured taking countless arrows and pikes to try and break past Ramsay's first few lines of defense, finally made it to the gates of Winterfell and broke through, ushering Jon Snow into his childhood home for the first time since he left for Castle Black. But the poor giant had just taken too many hits and, upon storming the castle gates, he took one last spray of arrows from Bolton's men.

Ramsay shot him in the eye, finally killing him, which set Jon into a rage so hot, he almost beats Ramsay to death with his bare hands. We know what later happened to Ramsay, but we don't see Wun Wun again for the remainder of the sixth season. Now we know that's because White Walkers somehow got their hands on him, along with at least two other giants. In a long shot of swirling snow following the opening credits in the Season 7 finale, we finally see the White Walkers and their army of wights break through the snow drifts. Among them are at least three giants and, thanks to one close up shot, we can confirm that one of them is the zombified remains of Wun Wun.

It'll be interesting to see how having giants in their midst strengthens the Night King's army, but you can probably bet that the results will be terrifying.