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Is Wyatt A Guest On 'Westworld'? He May Be Human Afterall

For the past few episodes of Westworld we've been hearing about a mysterious new villain named Wyatt. We've all been under the assumption that Wyatt is a host but what if Wyatt is actually a guest on Westworld? Dr. Robert Ford recently decided to give Teddy a backstory that includes Wyatt, a former soldier who went a little crazy when he started to believe he was hearing the voice of God. Through Teddy's flashbacks we got a glimpse of Wyatt, but otherwise he has yet to show up in the present day and one has to wonder why.

Teddy went on his own hunt for Wyatt when he heard his old comrade was back in town. But as we saw during last Sunday's episode "Dissonance Theory," that just resulted in Teddy being captured and beaten almost to death. (Well, as dead as a host can be anyway.) However, now the Man in Black has also gotten involved in the hunt for Wyatt and that may just change everything. The Man in Black has been searching for a deeper level to the maze since the start of the show and with each passing episode he gets closer and closer to finding it. In fact, it was the latest episode where he managed to find the "snake," who revealed that he needed to find Wyatt in order to get to the next step in the game.

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If Wyatt is part of the maze, it would make sense that he's a host. Ford already seems to be using Wyatt as part of his new narrative after all. But if Wyatt is part of the maze that may mean he's been around since the start of the park and may have been created specifically for the maze. It's possible Ford is just taking the maze game and tying it into his new narrative somehow. The addition of Wyatt has already brought together the Man in Black and Teddy in a new way. Now instead of being enemies, they're both trying to achieve the same goal: finding Wyatt.

But maybe Wyatt's story is a little more complicated than that. If Wyatt has been around as long as the park has, there is the possibility that he's not a host or a guest, but instead Ford's partner, Arnold, who's supposed to be dead. According to Ford, Arnold died in the park because he got too wrapped up with the hosts. Arnold wanted to give the hosts consciousness, but instead he drove them mad, making them believe they were hearing the voice of God, which seems eerily similar to Wyatt's storyline. So while we've seen images of Arnold and Wyatt that depicts them as two different people, it's possible Ford purposefully gave Teddy a false representation of Wyatt in order to throw all of us off track. But for what purpose?

Well it's possible Ford knows Arnold isn't dead, but rather hiding in the park somewhere. So by making Arnold into "Wyatt," he's able to get both hosts and the Man in Black searching for his former partner, thereby doing all the grunt work for him. Whatever the case may be around Wyatt, it's obvious there's more to him than we currently know. Hopefully we'll get more answers in the new episode of Westworld and as the season continues to progress.