Is Your Baby Bored Or Are You Just Over Thinking It?

If you've ever been around a child (or some adults, for that matter) for any length of time, chances are that you've heard the words "I'm bored" come out of their mouth a time or two. Kids are somewhat known for having short attention spans and needing constant stimulation. But what about when they're younger? If you have a baby in the house you might be wondering the same thing. Is your baby bored or are you just over thinking their inability to get around as quickly as other kids?

There's no doubt that babies need stimulation, just like older kids do. According to BellyBelly, parents shouldn't automatically assume that their baby can't get bored, just because they're a baby. However, the article also noted that many parents jump to label their baby's inactivity as boredom, when their baby may simply be tired or just taking in the sights around them.

According to Baby Center, babies three to six months old are still learning to focus on objects, meaning they'll take in everything around them, sometimes without seeming overly excited about it. Your baby may seem to tire of a certain toy, but it doesn't mean they're necessarily bored. As they grow, they'll learn to interact more with their surroundings, and learn to more easily entertain themselves.

Similarly, babies thrive from adult interaction, so ensuring your baby is getting enough quality time with you will almost guarantee they're not bored. BellyBelly suggested walking your baby around the house, talking or singing to them, reading a book, or exploring new objects as great ways to engage your baby.

On the other hand, Parents warns against overstimulating your baby, which can raise their stress hormones too high, causing them to be fussy, scared, and interferes with their brain's ability to function well. To ensure this doesn't happen, have periods of rest, with periods of play. Don't stress though, as time goes on you'll learn to read your baby's temperament, knowing if they're restless, overstimulated, tired, or just simply content.