Learn About Incredible Dogs On Disney+'s New Series Featuring The Voice Of Goofy

by Casey Suglia

The legendary voice of behind Disney's most famous pups will soon be introducing us to some more very impressive and talented pooches in Disney+'s adorable new show, It's a Dog's Life premiering on the streaming platform next month.

Debuting on May 15, as People first reported, Bill Farmer, who's been the iconic voice behind Goofy and Pluto for the past 30 years, will meet several dogs across the country and learn about their very important roles in It's A Dog's Life, other than being "man's best friend," of course.

"You already know that dogs can be our best friends," Farmer says in the first look trailer. "But did you know that dogs have jobs? It's true. All types of dogs do all kinds of incredible things to make our lives better."

Viewers will get to meet dogs like Remus, a rescue dog and companion to a cheetah cub named Kris at the Cincinnati Zoo. Remus' job is to provide friendship to Kris so they can "experience the world together," according to the zoo.

In addition to focusing the many talents dogs have and jobs they take on, It's A Dog's Life also focuses on the "magical relationship between dog and human [that] makes life better for both," as Farmer says in the trailer.

The first episode of It's A Dog's Life will premiere on Disney+ on Friday, May 15. And following the premiere, a new episode will air every Friday for the next 10 weeks.

Until you and your kiddos can learn about these talented pups on Disney+, feel free to enjoy the dozens of dog movies and shows currently available to stream, such as Pick of the Litter — a show about how puppies become guide dogs and the live-action remake of Lady and the Tramp. And let's not forget the film about the iconic Disney dog, Goofy, who stars in A Goofy Movie and A Very Goofy Movie.