It's Official: Ben Carson Was The 'Mystery Cougher' During The CNN GOP Debate

As absurd as it sounds, the internet (i.e. “Twitter-sphere”) has been abuzz with one thing for the last 16 hours: Who was coughing at the CNN GOP debate? I mean, sure, the candidates talked about foreign policy and ISIS and immigration, but that cough. Everyone needed to know who was coughing, and why. Well, thanks to one short clip, it seems the mystery has been solved: Retired neurosurgeon turned Presidential candidate Ben Carson was the man behind the cough. Doug Watts, Carson’s communications director, said the Republican hopeful has been battling a cough for weeks now, according to The Hill:

We all caught something a month ago, and he, like me, keeps a bagging cough for weeks.

However, Watts was quick to add that Carson’s not sick; he’s “just working through this cough. [And it’s] almost gone.”

While it was just a cough, many took to social media to vent their frustration (because Lord knows we couldn’t listen to — or understand — their political points over a little bit of hacking). And while some assumed it may be Carson, many did not, and it was the question on everyone’s mind.

The good news: This is one mystery we can put to bed. (Footage shows Carson coughing. Dun dun dun!) But the bad news: His cough has became such a topic of conversation that it may have stolen the show. Which begs the question: Who really won last night’s GOP debate? (My money's on “the cough.”)

Image: Getty Images