Three polar bears huddle together ahead of National Polar Bear Week.
Image courtesy BJ Kirschhoffer and Polar Bears International

Polar Bear Week May Be Just The Election Stress Buster You & Your Kids Need

Move over Shark Week, there's another predator in town. The eighth annual Polar Bear Week has officially begun and can hopefully be the election week stress buster we all need. Of course, Polar Bear Week isn't just for adults. And thanks to a wealth of resources being shared by Polar Bears International, there are a number of ways to get kids excited and learning this Polar Bear Week.

"Polar bears are such cool animals that it's always fun to learn more about them," Polar Bears International Director of Conservation Outreach and Staff Scientist Alysa McCall tells Romper. "They are the biggest and most carnivorous bear on Earth, live in one of the harshest habitats imaginable, and happen to also be very cute! But it’s also important to learn about polar bears because they help show us the different ways animals adapt to their environment and can tell us something about the health of the Arctic ecosystem."

Beginning on Nov. 1, Polar Bear Week coincides with the bears' annual migration and gathering along the shores of Hudson Bay outside the town of Churchill, Canada. To help families from all over the world catch this migration as it happens from the comfort of their own homes, Polar Bears Internationals is running a free live stream with multiple live cameras.

While watching the live cam, you can also play a game of Polar Bear Bingo, marking off sightings like "polar bear yoga" or "deep bear breath" as you see them.

Image courtesy BJ Kirschhoffer and Polar Bears International

While Polar Bear Week ends on Nov. 7, Polar Bears International is celebrating later in the month, too. On Nov. 10, for example, they'll be hosting a live class aimed at K-5 children (but suitable for older kids and adults too) so little ones can "learn about these wondrous creatures while they roam their native habitat on the shores of Hudson Bay." You can check out the full schedule of live chats and lessons here.

Additional educational resources, such as videos answering how polar bears keep warm and whether or not they can live on land, are available from Polar Bears International on Flipgrid.

No matter your kids' ages, unless they just absolutely can't stand fuzzy, cuddly, slightly sleepy bears, they're sure to find something to love and learn this Polar Bear Week and beyond. "Polar bears [are] a wonderful animal to learn more about at any age," McCall tells Romper.

And with climate change continuing to melt sea ice, thus threatening polar bears natural habitat, it's more important than ever to learn all we can about this animal. As McCall put it, "The more we know about an animal, the better we can help protect them."