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Ivanka Appeared On 'SNL' Too, & She's A Breath Of Fresh Air In Her Dad's Campaign

by Chrissy Bobic

We all expected the general awkwardness of Donald Trump hosting SNL for the second time, this time around as one of the Republican presidential candidates and not just a mega bajillionaire. But what we didn't expect was Ivanka Trump appearing on SNL too, right by her dad's side, showing up as a surprise in one of the show's opening skits and pretty much killing it with all of her glamour and class. And luckily, she has more than enough to make up for all the areas in which Dear Old Dad is lagging behind. 

While everyone was surprised to see Ivanka, her appearance on the show wasn't a surprise. It seems like Donald is intent on doing any and everything he can to get a bump in the polls, and it's beginning to look like Ivanka could be his secret weapon. She's business-savvy, incredibly likable, a mom (bingo!), a successful businesswoman in her own right (despite her very famous, very wealthy last name), and she just overall seems like a good person. Kinda surprising, given that The Donald's responsible for that, but we don't need to get into the specifics this very moment, do we?

I'm all for Ivanka on Saturday Night Live. In fact, I vote more Ivanka! More Ivanka! Instead of Making America Great Again, Let's Make Ivanka Great Right Now!

Want proof? Here's just how much the Internet loved Ivanka on SNL:

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