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Here’s Why People Are So Pissed Ivanka Trump Played ‘Sesame Street’ Music On Instagram

When President Trump's proposed budget called for big cuts that fund the arts, humanities, and public media, the outcry was immediate. Among the organizations impacted was the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which had its funding cut to zero under the proposal. This means that PBS and consequently, beloved shows like Sesame Street would be stripped of public funding. And people were definitely not OK with that. So it makes sense that people are super annoyed after Ivanka Trump posted a video with the Sesame Street song in the background.

The first daughter took to Twitter on Sunday to share what she probably assumed would be an uncontroversial video of holiday baking with her children. I mean, no one can get angry over cute kids making cookies, right? Wrong. People are pretty pissed about nearly everything Ivanka does, mainly because she's viewed as an accomplice to her father's unpopular political moves. This time, however, it's the music playing in the background of Ivanka's video that has people spitting fire. The family is listening to a song about cookies sung by Cookie Monster from the beloved PBS series — and it didn't take long for Twitter users to bash Ivanka for her hypocritical song choice.

Actor Kal Penn of the Harold & Kumar film series accurately responded with, "The song you’re listening to in this video is from Sesame Street which still airs on @PBS. Your budget proposal for PBS was $0." Ohhh, burn!

Another Twitter user felt the need to break it down for Ivanka, writing, "She probably doesn't under stand your subtleness. @IvankaTrump You give nothing to PBS, yet you capitalize on their song to promote you and indirectly your brand. It is also likely a copyright infringement of the Sesame Street song." I don't think I could have said it better myself.

Of course, Twitter users took a few other jabs at Ivanka because they can. Her baking skills, for example, were fair game. "And your cookies are way over baked @IvankaTrump," one person pointed out. Another Twitter user responded with, "The cookies will soften up from all the tears of children who will eventually lose Sesame Street." Ha! It's funny because it's true. Or is it enraging and deeply saddening? I can't decide.

This is the first time the Trumps have been ridiculed for the proposed cuts to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Just after President Trump's proposed budget that included de-funding the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, actor/comedian Billy Eichner put a funny spin on his Tweet to Ivanka, writing, "@IvankaTrump Hello dear - at what point will u be telling ur children that your father killed Snuffleupagus?"

Sesame Workshop even felt the need to release a statement in March, reported Entertainment Weekly. After all, what the organization offers is so much more than a TV show. "Sesame Street was created to provide early access to education for all children," read the statement, which was posted on Twitter. "Research shows that high quality preschool educational experiences area a key determinant in an individual's lifelong learning outcomes." The statement continued:

PBS makes Sesame Street available to all Americans, and thereby continues to play a major role in helping less privileged kids gain access to preschool education that has proven and enduring value. While Sesame Workshop currently receives no direct funding from CPB or PBS, we stand firmly and passionately in support of the vital public investment that allows them to continue this important work.

Not to mention, Sesame Street has brilliantly trolled Donald Trump for decades with a character named Ronald Grump, according to The Washington Post. Wispy toupee, accent and everything.

Maybe that was President Trump's plan all along — to get back at Sesame Street for making fun of him all these years? Meh, I doubt it. Besides, if the GOP has its way, deep cuts to other social services, like Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare are going to hurt way more than the possibility of losing our beloved Elmo.