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Japril Fans Had A Lot To Celebrate On 'Grey's

The episode Japril fans have been waiting for finally happened, but viewers are still left with questions. Jackson and April hooked up on Grey's Anatomy, but what does that mean for Japril? Right now, it's pretty unclear. After they hooked up, April convinced Jackson to say what he had to say to his father before they left Montana, which he did. Then they hopped back on the plane to go home to Seattle, where they reunited with Harriet and Catherine.

It's kind of hard to discuss your relationship in front of your mother and daughter, so obviously no discussion was had about their late night tryst or what it means for them as a potential couple moving forward. However, Jackson and April do still live together and it seems unlikely that this hook-up will be a one time affair.

While seeing the Japril ship finally sail again is nice, it's time to get real. Jackson and April got a divorce for a reason. After the death of their son Samuel, April left to work in the army and then she left again even though Jackson told her if she left they were going to get a divorce, which did eventually happen. Sure, now they're happy living together and they have Harriet, but what if some other disaster strikes again? Jackson basically stopped talking to April just because she accepted the job as interim chief of general surgery. These two obviously don't handle their conflicts well.

As much as I want them to get remarried and live happily ever after, they need to have a serious discussion before this relationship can start up again. For one, are they going to date first? These two never really went through the dating stage before. They went from friends with benefits to just friends again to Jackson interrupting April's wedding to Matthew and then they ran off together to get married themselves. Maybe it's time they just try dating and see how that goes.

Moreover, if they do start dating, will April and Harriet continue to live in the house? Their living situation is a fine set up now, but it's hard to just date someone you already live with. Or will they just skip on ahead and get married again like it's no big deal? Hopefully not. These two have been through a lot together and they need to take their time and figure out where they go from here and if being married again is something they really, truly want.