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Jada Pinkett Smith Reveals Her Daughter Willow Walked In On Her Parents Having Sex

It's one of those things you hope never happens to you — and yet, for many couples, it becomes an embarrassing reality anyway: Kids walking in on mom and dad getting "intimate." (And I'm not talking about kissing.) Although couples might go to great lengths to avoid an awkward interruption of this nature — strategically timing around naps, making sure to close the bedroom door, distracting kids with a movie — it still happens to the best of us. And evidently, celebrities aren't immune. That's because Jada Pinkett Smith revealed her daughter, Willow, walked in on her parents having sex, and she had no idea!

But first, let's back up a moment here. In case you haven't heart, Pinkett Smith is launching a Facebook Watch series called Red Table Talk, which features herself, her 17-year-old daughter, Willow, and her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, Deadline.com reported. The series will tackle tough topics, according the website, and apparently nothing is off-limits. As ET Online reported, the mom of two was doing an interview with ET's Kevin Frazier when she revealed the interesting tidbit of information about her daughter. "[Willow] shocked me when I said, 'Well, what was your first introduction to sex?'" Pinkett Smith told the publication. Willow shocked her mom be answering, "Walking in on you and daddy," Pinkett Smith recalled. "I was like, 'When did that happen?!' Because I had no idea."

As Pinkett-Smith told Vulture, it seems as if the shock of this revelation still hasn't worn off. “How did that happen?! I was like, ‘Lord have mercy, what did you see? Thank God I have some therapy fund put aside for you,'" she told the publication. "It wasn’t funny in the moment.” Pinkett-Smith continued:

I had never heard that, and she said that what she got from that was that she walked into a private space. She was like, ‘That’s private time.’ She said she didn’t really see anything. But she knew she had just walked in on a very private moment.

The best part? Pinkett Smith still hasn't told her husband, Will Smith, about the incident, People reported. (Although I'm sure after these reports get around and the episode eventually airs, he'll definitely be in the know.) “I haven’t told him yet!” Jada said. “That’s what’s funny, ’cause I want Will to see this! He’s gonna be like, ‘What?!’ He’s gonna call me and be like, ‘What the hell is going on over there?!'” She added:

I didn’t tell him on purpose because I think it’ll be so funny. He does that to me all the time. I’ll sip on my little tea and [watch].

LOL! So what she's saying is she and Will have a hilariously awesome relationship.

In case you're wondering (and want to be sure to tune in, like me,) Red Table Talk will air once a week for 10 episodes, People reported. The first episode will be on Monday, May 7, according to the talk show's Facebook page. “Red Table Talk is about raw truth, love and deep passion. My mother is old school, Willow is new school, and I find myself right in the middle,” Pinkett Smith told People. “I’ve done a lot of sharing and growing on Facebook. Being able to engage with the Facebook Watch community in such a deeply personal way is amazing, and I’m excited to be part of something new.”

I don't remember how old I was at the time — 8 maybe? — but I totally interrupted a romp session between my parents back in the day. Like most little kids, I didn't knock before opening their door. (I had noticed that they disappeared unannounced, and was curious about where they were/what they were doing.) As soon as I turned the door knob, bed sheets were flying in a startled manner. Although I didn't see anything, I immediately closed the door, and pretended like it never happened. I think it took me a few minutes before I realized I had interrupted a "private" moment. And no one has spoken of the incident since.

Even though I'm not permanently scarred or anything, I truly hope I'm never in the same situation with my own children. But kudos to Jada Pinkett Smith and Willow Smith for being so open about their experience!