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Jade Roper Celebrates Her 4th Trimester With This Amazing Postpartum Underwear Selfie

Not that long ago, what happens to a woman's body following childbirth used to be this top-secret, hush-hush mystery. (Because apparently new moms ought to be ashamed of the fact that they're bleeding for weeks on end, often still look pregnant, and leak pee from time to time?) Within the past five to 10 years or so, however, it seems more new mothers — and celebrity moms, in particular — are getting real about postpartum recovery, and it's awesome, if you ask me. Most recently, in fact, Jade Roper shared a postpartum underwear selfie with her newborn, serving as a beautiful tribute and celebration of her fourth trimester.

In case you missed the news, the Bachelor in Paradise Season 2 winner and husband Tanner Tolbert welcomed their second child on July 29. (They also have a 23-month-old daughter, Emerson.) On Wednesday, Aug. 7 — just nine days after giving birth, mind you — Roper took to Instagram to share an update on the recovery from her unplanned home birth, People reported. And her message is a must-read.

"Women’s bodies are seriously phenomenal! It’s taking my uterus more time to return to its normal state this time around, but honestly I have never loved my body more than I have this postpartum," Roper wrote alongside a photo of herself wearing only a bra and underwear while holding her newborn son, Brooks.

Roper went on to share that she's slowly healing after receiving several stitches, writing: "But after such an overwhelming labor and delivery, I have so much respect for my body and the journey it’s been on this year to grow and bring this perfect little joy into my life. So in love, so thankful. #oneweekpostpartum#4thtrimester."

Just one day after welcoming baby Brooks, the new mom took to Instagram to announce his totally unexpected birth. Because as it turned out, Roper delivered her son at home — 75 minutes after her water broke, in her master closet. And no, it was not a planned home birth.

"It was one of the scariest moments of my life because I felt so out of control," she captioned a photo of herself holding a freshly-delivered Brooks in her closet. "But Tanner, Tanner's mom, my mom and the medics and firefighters kept me going when I felt like the world was caving in on me and my unborn baby."

Since her son's birth, Roper has shared a number of other photos of their newest addition — including this sweet shot of the new mom and baby Brooks resting together in a hospital bed.

Roper even shared a video of the moment Emerson met her baby brother. "Honestly, I was so worried about the moment Emmy would meet her brother for the first time, but she was such a nurturing big sister, already," she wrote on Instagram.

As a mom of four, I have to say I'm digging the "trend" of new moms not being afraid to show and tell it like it is when it comes to the realities of postpartum life. From the vulnerable photos taken during or immediately after giving birth, to pictures showing that no, women don't just miraculously bounce back overnight after growing/pushing a human being out of their bodies, I love it all. Because it's real. And society needs a wake-up call so we can start treating new moms with the respect and care they deserve.