Jade Roper's Reaction To Finding Out She's Expecting Baby Number 2 Is Too Sweet

So many emotions can go into taking a pregnancy test when you're trying to conceive. Whether it's a woman's first time or her 100th, there's often a mix of anxiety, excitement, and sometimes fear, as she's waiting for the results — regardless if she already has children or not. (Will this finally be my big fat positive? Will we have to start from square one? Am I cut out for this if it's positive?) Even if that plus sign or "pregnant" does pop up, there's no one right way to respond. However, Jade Roper's reaction to finding out she's pregnant with baby number two is the sweetest thing.

If you remember, Roper won the heart of Tanner Tolbert on Season 2 of Bachelor in Paradise, and the reality stars went on to tie the knot in January 2016. On Jan. 28 of this year, the couple revealed they were expecting their second child. According to ET Online, Roper took to Instagram to share her pregnancy news with fans. "Baby #2 is adding to our crew!! We are overjoyed our bundle of love will be joining us in August!" she wrote alongside a photo of herself, Tolbert, and their 1-year-old daughter, Emmy. "We’ve been dreaming of you for a while now, and you are already loved beyond imaginable, sweet baby. ❤️"

On Monday, Feb. 4, Roper posted a YouTube video that gives fans a glimpse into the moment she found out she was expecting her second child, according to Us Weekly. "Oh, my God, you guys, it’s positive," Roper said off-camera as she panned over an unmistakable plus sign on a test resting on her bathroom counter. The expecting mom went on to turn the camera onto herself while holding the positive test. "I’m so excited," she said, while blinking back tears and then wiping her eyes. (Skip to the 1-minute mark in the video, below, if you want to see the sweet moment for yourself.)

In the video, Roper goes on to explain that she originally wanted to surprise Tolbert with the big news. Unfortunately, though, the husband reveal happened a bit sooner — and it was decidedly less epic than she had envisioned. "[Tanner] was pestering me like crazy," Roper told Us Weekly following the announcement last week. "I wanted to make it special, but then I was so over him asking, I just said 'I’m pregnant, OK!?' So not that special. I was like, 'Shut up!' I wanted to plan something!'" LOL. Leave it to an impatient husband to spoil the surprise.

Although it's too early at this point to know the sex of their second child, Roper told People they would be finding out as soon as possible. "Tanner is too impatient for it to be a surprise!" she told the publication. "Tanner definitely would still love a boy, but now that we have Emmy, he loves being a girl dad." Meanwhile, Roper said that she would be "happy either way — just hoping for a healthy babe!"

How special is it that Roper captured the moment she found out she was going to be a mom of two? Clearly, she and Tolbert are excited about their little one on the way; Roper's face in her YouTube video says it all. Congrats, again, guys!