James Corden Will Host The 2017 Grammys, & Here’s Why He’s The Best For The Job

The Grammys are musics biggest night — apologies to the mini-award shows, but you've really got nothing on this award show. Year after year, music's biggest names arrive in one space and are awarded honors that name them the best in their category. Plus, we get some really awesome performances. Don't forget the performances. This year, there's a new host taking the stage, but don't worry, he's basically made for this gig. James Corden will host the 2017 Grammys, and whether you're a fan of his or not, there is no doubt that Corden will be in his element come Feb. 12, 2017.

The Late Late Show host has been winning the hearts of many since he took to the U.S. air in March 2015. When he takes to the Grammys stage, he'll have been on the air for almost two years, cementing himself in the heart of American late night. But, prior to his time in the 12:35 a.m. ET slot, he actually had an incredibly successful career in the U.K., as well as Broadway. He will now bring that charm and, let's be honest, a Grammys-exclusive Carpool Karaoke, to the Staples Center in February. Can't wait? These following skits will prove that Corden is the man for the job, and make the remainder of 2016 a little more bearable.

We'll Probably Get A Carpool Karaoke: Grammy Edition

Let's hope, considering there are going to be some pretty big names on the nominations list this year.

We'll Also See Corden Sing (Hopefully)

He's got a great set of pipes on him.

Plus, There Will Be Comedy

At his core, Corden is a master entertainer. There is no doubt that he'll have us laughing throughout the entire — hours long — show.

He'll Razz Other Performers

Without offending them, of course.

We Might Get The Biggest Mannequin Challenge Ever

Just kidding, we'll be, like, nine internet sensation trends past the mannequin challenge by February.

James Corden, there's no doubt this is your time to shine. Just please, please, get a Lemonade-themed Beyoncé-filled Carpool Karaoke in there. Somewhere.