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James Taylor Tells On Jordan Rodgers On ‘The Bachelorette’, & It Wasn't A Good Move

If you're watching The Bachelorette and paying attention, it's clear that Jordan Rodgers is a front runner for JoJo's heart. The other contestants can certainly tell, including self-proclaimed "underdog" James Taylor. On Monday's episode of The Bachelorette, James Taylor called out Jordan Rodgers to JoJo, and it naturally instigated some drama between the men.

This all was sparked by Jordan schooling James on how to play poker. James felt like Jordan was acting "entitled," whereas Jordan believes he was just telling him how poker is played. Regardless, James went to speak to Jordan about his behavior. At first, JoJo was a little skeptical; she said she thought Jordan was one of James' closest friend in the house. James said he was, but he just thought this was out of line.

JoJo then went to speak about this alone with Jordan; needless to say, he was pissed. He denied being entitled – well, he said he "didn't know what that means," which is a whole other story – and said he was merely telling James the accepted rules of poker. At the end of the group date, JoJo gave a rose to neither Jordan nor James, but Luke.

Jordan was not happy about not receiving a rose. In a talking head, he said he was angry that he had to defend himself against this "allegation." He continued, "I'm not okay with that...that's not me," and said he doesn't want JoJo to think that's true.

James, on the other hand, stood by his argument. While he was one bro's with Jordan, their friendship is clearly over. James believes that Jordan is not here for the right reason. "I came here for her," he said, "JoJo doesn’t deserve someone who’s here for fame" – aka Jordan. He went on to say that JoJo deserves an "honest, good man," one that "cares about her more than anything, especially more than himself."

While James tattle-telling on Jordan did deter JoJo from him somewhat – after all, he did not receive a rose – it probably did not do much. JoJo still seems smitten with Jordan, and was listening to his argument. It's also clear, however, that James is tired of being the underdog and is resorting to playing dirty to get ahead; this is a 180 to his previous dopey, sweet nature. Whether this method will work for James, and whether JoJo's feelings for Jordan will change, we just have to keep watching.