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Jamie Lynn Spears Opened Up About Her Second Daughter For The First Time

by Casey Suglia

Jamie Lynn Spears has come a long way since being known as Britney Spears' "kid sister" and star of Nickelodeon's Zoey 101. In the years since she left TV screens, Jamie Lynn has focused on being a mom to her 9-year-old daughter, Maddie Briann, and wife to her husband, Jamie Watson. And now she has a new project to focus her attention to — Jamie Lynn gave birth to her second child, a daughter named Ivey Joan, on Wednesday. It is clear that she is super excited about this because Jamie Lynn opened up about her second daughter for the first time over the weekend to People and could not have said cuter things about her new family of four.

Jamie Lynn and Watson welcomed their newest daughter, Ivey Joan, into the world last week, and at the time, the happy mom could not stop gushing over the new addition to the family. "We are beyond excited to welcome this beautiful baby girl to our family!," Jamie Lynn told People.

That excitement has maintained its same level, because just three days later, Jamie Lynn gushed to People about how blissful life as a mom of two really was. "I have never felt more complete in my life," Jamie Lynn said. "It's pure joy watching my girls fall in love."

Although the age gap between her two daughters might scare some people, Jamie Lynn told People that Maddie could not be any more receptive to her new sister. "Maddie was the first one to meet her after she was born," Jamie Lynn said. "[Ivey] was so peaceful the moment her sister held her." How sweet.

Being a mother to two girls should be not be super difficult for Jamie Lynn, who has spent the past nine years learning the ins and outs of motherhood with Maddie. Jamie Lynn was only 16 years old when she announced that was pregnant with her first child. During her TLC special, Jamie Lynn: When The Lights Go Out in 2016, Jamie Lynn described finding out she was pregnant as the moment when her "world came crashing down," according to the Daily Mail. Because of this feeling, as Jamie Lynn shared with Glamour back in 2012, she felt incredibly protective she felt over her first baby daughter in those early months after giving birth. Jamie Lynn said:

I was very OCD about Maddie at first. I didn't want anybody to watch her or touch her. I just wanted to do it all myself. I breast-fed for almost a year; I couldn't leave her at all.

But Jamie Lynn has grown so much since being a teenager and has had the time to reflect and adapt to life as a mom. In 2016, Jamie Lynn told TODAY that motherhood surprises her every day:

There are a lot of surprises. The biggest thing for me is the sense of purpose I have every day when I get up...no matter what it is, whether it's taking her to school or doing something like this today, there's just a different motivation behind what I'm doing.

That same year, Jamie Lynn told Entertainment Tonight that if she were to have a second child, she would want to have time to "focus" her attention on that baby and she definitely can do that now. Things have changed since Jamie Lynn was 16 with a newborn and now, at 27 years old, according to People, it's clear that Jamie Lynn is more than ready to embrace motherhood all over again. Jamie Lynn has come a long way and it sure sounds like she could not be any more excited for this new chapter in her life.

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