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Jamie Otis Reveals Baby No. 2's Due Date In Thank You Note To "Encouraging" Fans

In case you missed the exciting news, Married at First Sight alum Jamie Otis is expecting her second child. The development came after a period of fertility struggles for Otis and her husband, Doug Hehner, so it's not too surprising she wants to share every detail of her pregnancy with fans. And most recently, Jamie Otis confirmed baby number two's due date in a heartfelt note to her supporters.

Otis and her family recently traveled to New York City for a weekend of fun, during which she decided to share the due date for her second baby. "We heard the HEARTBEAT for the first time at our fertility specialist!!! And we finally have a due date!" she captioned a shot of herself with Hehner and their 2-year-old daughter, Henley. "Our family will be expanding by two little baby feet & a whole lotta love on May 14, 2020!"

Aww! It sounds like Otis and her husband will have a little Taurus on their hands.

Jamie then explained how a fan approached her during their NYC outing to thank her for being so open about fertility issues. "We finished the day off w dinner outside & that’s where the last pic comes in. This sweet woman named Lauren approached our table & said 'Jamie! Hi! I know you don’t mind if your Frans come say hi so I just wanted to tell you that you’ve really inspired me,'" she wrote.

The former reality star continued, "She went on to say that infertility has affected so many she loves ... and then she thanked me for being so open about my pregnancy loss and infertility struggle."

For Jamie, the admiration is mutual. "I just have to tell you, it is women like Lauren & *you* reading this who inspire *ME*," she added. "The countless comments on my pics, etc. sharing your struggles of pregnancy loss and/or infertility have made me feel less alone."

How sweet, right? It just goes to show the transformative power speaking out can have. Of course, this isn't to say everyone needs to share their story — fertility is a private journey for every person.

Circling back to Otis' pregnancy, she recently revealed the couple likely aren't having twins, something she initially thought was possible. "In other news, it definitely doesn’t seem like twins so much anymore because there is only one amniotic sac/yolk sac — UNLESS they’re identical!!!!" she said in a update shared to Instagram on Sept. 13.

But Otis is just happy to be pregnant, noting in a past update that she's thankful for every frustrating first trimester symptom. "One thing that comes with every pregnancy is a weird insomnia?" she wrote on Instagram. "Like, I just can’t sleep through the night? BUT, I’m not nauseous or throwing up so I cannot & *will not* complain about a thing! I am genuinely *SO THANKFUL* for all these symptoms bc that means this little poppy seed—or seeds — are growing!"

I don't know about you guys, but I'm so excited for the arrival of Otis' little one on May 14. Congrats again to Otis and Hehner!