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Jamie Otis' Instagram About Losing Her Baby Is Blunt & Deeply Personal


Bravely engaging in Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month this October, reality star and author Jamie Otis revealed a very personal story.  Jamie Otis' Instagram about losing her baby features a picture of her with her husband and child, Johnathan Edward, who passed away at 17 weeks. In the post, Otis calls for openness, encouraging women who have gone through similar struggles to share their experiences with one another, saying: "I'll be the first in my circle. You be the first in yours."

Otis expanded on the loss of her baby in a blog post, detailing the various phases and steps that she's taken in the process of coming to terms with losing Johnny. She even admits the want to suppress her memories, as she's currently "just trying to stay above water." With the encouragement of her husband, Doug Hehner (who she met on "Married At First Sight"), Otis has felt strong enough and willing to talk through this heartbreaking circumstance.

The full caption of her Instagram post is below:

Other plans for remembering baby Johnny include planting a tree in his honor; designing a piece of jewelry to commemorate his short life; and keeping a special memory box filled with ultrasound photos and videos, along with small mementos from family and friends. In a follow-up Instagram, Otis writes:

Her willingness to share not just her thoughts but a physical image of the child that she lost can make all the difference. For women suffering a similar circumstance, hearing Otis' candid thoughts—the anger, sadness, and range of emotions in between—could encourage more openness, inclusivity, and understanding when discussing sensitive topics like early pregnancy loss.