Jana Duggar Is Finally On Instagram & Her First Post Is SO Sweet

It's the day many people who follow the Duggars have been waiting for — Jana Duggar is officially on Instagram. Jana's first post to mark the occasion reflects her deep appreciation of family, and there's a good chance fans will find it heartwarming.

Jana, the eldest Duggar sister, seems like a pretty reserved and private person. Most of the time its her siblings that talk her up — whether it be about her expert gardening skills or flair for interior design — because she's not one to sing her own praises.

But now it seems like Jana is ready to step into the spotlight. Case in point: On Thursday, Jana launched her first Instagram account after years of social media silence. Welcome to 'gram, girl.

Jana's account is fairly sparse at the moment content-wise. Her bio, as one might expect for a Duggar, is a bible verse. "This I declare about the LORD: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; He is my God, and I trust Him," it reads.

As for pictures? Jana has only one post up as of Thursday, but it's a beauty. The snap features Jessa Seewald's two kids, Spurgeon, 3, and Henry, 1.

"Best buddies!" Jana captioned the adorable shot.

Spurgeon and Henry's cuteness aside, many people are really excited about Jana's Instagram debut.

"Welcome to Instagram Jana!!" one fan wrote. "We've all been waiting for you! Much love from a 25 year old mama in Edmonton, AB Canada whose been watching your family since I was a little girl!"

"Yay Jana I've been waiting for so long!" someone else said. "I want to learn more about your day to day life and hobbies!!!"

Another commenter chimed in: "Yay!! So happy you’re here! I hope we can catch a glimpse of some of your decorating and projects! I think you’re pretty amazing."

Others are floating the idea around that a courtship is on the way, with one fan commenting: "Does this mean she's in a courtship because in the girls book it says the kids aren't allowed to get social media until they're courting."

Jessa, however, debunked this rumor about social media in September 2018. It all came to light after Jessa shared a snap of Jana shopping with her boys.

"I think their family has their own rule that they can’t have their own social media until they are in a relationship," a fan wrote in response to another commented who questioned why Jana didn't have her own account at the time.

Jessa then replied: "It’s not a rule, it’s just coincidence."

To play devil's advocate, however, Jana wasn't included in the new Counting On promo. I bring that up because Jessa and Ben Seewald weren't in the photo either, suggesting that Jana has a big announcement too.

Either way, I'm interested to see what Jana will post next. I'm here for anything related to gardening and design, especially since she's so passionate about these two topics. Stay tuned.

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