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Jana Kramer Baby-Wearing & Cooking Dinner In This New Photo Proves Moms Are The Ultimate Multitaskers


I thought I was a multitasking queen back in college when I was juggling a part-time job and a full class load. Fast-forward nearly 10 years, though, and current me would be laughing in pre-kid me's face. Because guys, I had no idea. Like most parents, I've learned that having a child forces you to become a professional at carrying out roughly 10 tasks at any given time. It's just a fact. And honestly, Jana Kramer baby-wearing and cooking dinner in this new photo proves moms are the ultimate multitaskers.

As a refresher, Kramer and her husband Mike Caussin have two children, according to Us Weekly — Jolie, 3, and Jace, 3 months. On Wednesday, March 6, the country music star took to her Instagram Story to vent about an all-to-common phenomenon: the "man cold." Although Kramer had been battling through her parenting duties with a fever for two weeks, her husband merely had a cough. That's it. "Any other husband out there like, literally act like the biggest baby when they have a cold?" Kramer says to the camera in a video clip.

"I'm dying," Caussin insists, in the background. (LOL. Right ...)

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"He literally has a cough, and he says he's dying," Kramer clarifies. "I had a stuffy nose, a fever, for two weeks. And did I stop? No ... I don't understand men and their man colds. I don't understand."

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"Women are fortunate they get to experience childbirth, because then you guys know what it's like for a man to have a cold."

Oh no he didn't.

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Kramer went on to share more video clips from her day of solo-parenting during Caussin's "man cold" — including preparing dinner while wearing their youngest child, Jace.

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The mom of two later shared an Instagram photo of her multitasking skills, writing, "Who rules the world ?! MOMS. Give yourself a frickin pat on the back, or a big pour. U deserve it!!!!! #momlife #bestlife."

Judging by the comments, Kramer's followers appreciated the shoutout — and were also completely in agreement. One Instagram user wrote, "@kramergirl it makes me so happy to see you using this around the house! I busted my baby bjorn thing out today as well so I could get dinner done with my one month old baby girl. First time mom here! Keep up the great work girl!👏🏽💗."

Anther fan commented, "That’s multitasking at its finest 👏."

Yet another Instagram user wrote, "Thank you for this... because I've literally had the worst day of my life with my 19 month old lol 🍾😘."

Another person chimed in with, "This was me last night! Gotta love baby carriers for getting stuff done 👌🏼."

Others noted how Kramer was standing extra far away from the stove while wearing her baby for the photo — probably to head off the mom-shamers before they could attack her again. The trolls recently came out to criticize Kramer after she posted a video of Jolie refusing to eat her dinner, according to People. (So I imagine the rage that comes with strangers telling her how to parent is still fresh in her mind.)

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Personally, I can relate so hard to Jana Kramer's multitasking. It seems like I'm doing no fewer than six things at a time, thanks to having four kids and a work-from-home arrangement. (In fact, I may or may not be wearing my baby while typing this right now and also refereeing a "disagreement" between a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old.) So keep on keeping it real, mama. Because we're all right there with you.