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Jana Kramer Defended Her Daughter's Speech Delay After Mean Comments

She's been outspoken about her marriage and open with fans, even letting them hear part of the audio from the birth of her second child. But even Jana Kramer has her limits. Jana Kramer defended her daughter's speech delay against shamers on Instagram, but she sure shouldn't have to. And the fact that she felt as though she did have to say something makes me concerned about the state of things.

As Us Weekly reported, Kramer, mom to Jolie, 3, and Jace, nearly 4 months, had to deal with people online trying to shame her for her daughter's verbal progress.

Kramer, creator of the podcast, Whine Down with Jana Kramer, is generally super-positive on her social media, showing adorable pics of her growing fam and all her projects.

But when a fan wrote in some comments not just criticizing Kramer personally, but throwing in a low blow about Jolie's speech development, as her Instagram Story shows, that was when the actress had had enough.

"Listen up: I am always going to protect my daughter," Kramer posted on social media, as confirmed on the entertainment website Pop Culture. "I can handle my bullies but when someone attacks my daughter and says mean stuff about her I am going to say something. This hasn’t been the first time someone has attacked her on my page or dm’s so I wanted to set the record straight."

"... I have already cried a lot over this thinking somehow I did something wrong or doubted myself but I know that is not the case but us moms love to beat ourselves up," the "I Got the Boy" singer continued. "But ....Yes, Jolie has a speech delay. She works with a speech therapist every Friday."

First of all, the above information regarding how Kramer as a mom is handling her daughter's issue (if it is even a serious one at that) shouldn't even have to be given out to anyone, period.

And Kramer really tried to nice and reasonable, as her social media shows in her response. "Bottom line, all kids learn and grow at different paces so if you want to not like me, that’s fine, but please don’t pick on my child," added the One Tree Hill actress. "I will NOT stand for it. I have chosen to show my life and my kids online and maybe that is my fault, but I will not let u bully my kid."

"You don’t know what goes on in this house so please don’t be mean," she added, noting that "if you have had anything helpful that has helped ur kids I would love to know! Helpful tips I always welcome !!!"

I really feel for the star as far as that need to "momsplain," and make people know that she is a good parent, trying her best. Most of us parents are, but for some reason, there's a lot of fear and defensiveness out there right now.

Luckily, though, most fans felt as I did, and wrote in to support Kramer, who you can assume from her wording is letting the world know that she's open to input, as opposed to taking on that she's perfect and doesn't need any help or advice.

"[S]omeone always has something to say....You're a great mom and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise! 💖," wrote one fan, while another reassured Kramer. "I am a preschool teacher, and I work with many kids that's [sic] have speech delays," the user noted. "It does not mean you did something wrong."

The truth is, a child's development is complicated. Not all kids hit benchmarks such as walking and talking at the same time, as PBS noted. And there's nothing wrong with that.

I've also seen examples in which, due to today's early intervention, kids who might have been called "shy" or "quiet" in another generation are now able to get support from an early age if there is, in fact, even a small speech delay.

I try to stick with not judging other parents when I haven't walked in their shoes, and I'm glad Kramer is standing up for her family.