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Jana Kramer's Husband & Daughter Heard Her Song On The Radio & It Was *So* Cute

by Christina Montoya Fiedler

As a parent, jamming out to your favorite music in the car while your little one sings in the back seat is one of life's greatest pleasures. But imagine if your child heard you singing on the radio. Talk about exciting. That's exactly what happened to One Tree Hill alum Jana Kramer, when her daughter and husband heard her song on the radio, and the footage of the moment is honestly priceless. Jana Kramer's husband and daughter's reaction to hearing her song on the radio proves they're her biggest fans.

Kramer posted the video as part of her Instagram story on Wednesday, Jan. 16. In the video, you can see Kramer's husband, former football player Mike Caussin, singing along and their daughter, Jolie, 2 beside herself over it all.

"Jolie, you hear Mommy’s voice?" Caussin asked in the video. Jolie then listened for a minute and said, "Mommy!"

Kramer captioned the story with, "I’m dying!!!!!! Jolie heard me on the radio!"

In the next clip, you can see Caussin lip syncing along to Kramer's hit song I Got the Boy.

"I got the long haired hot head, she got the cool and steady hands," Caussin sang as he danced in his seat and smiled.

Kramer captioned that clip, "Hahahaha!!!! I love my husband."

Kramer is also mom to six-week-old baby boy, Jace Joseph, according to Taste of Country. He's too young to sing along with his mom's hit song. But, it's bound to happen in the future.

Kramer's country music career took off in 2013, when she was awarded the Top New Female Artist Award at the ACM awards and later went on to open for Blake Shelton on his Ten Times Crazier Tour, according E! Online.

Car sing-a-longs are definitely one way to show support for this country singing mom. And the couple seems stronger than ever after a few rough years. Caussin admitted to cheating on Kramer after the birth of their daughter back in 2016, according to Women's Health. The two briefly split, the magazine added, but then reconciled and have worked on their relationship quite a bit since it all happened.

"Being the perpetrator, it’s hard because there’s a lot of shame behind things that I’ve done and topics that we talk about,” Caussin told Us Weekly. "But by doing that, we’ve gotten more comfortable in dealing with them head-on, which has been great for our relationship. There’s not many elephants in the room for us anymore because we address them."

And Kramer agreed that their increased communication has made a real difference after struggling with infidelity, as well as several miscarriages, which also took a real toll on their relationship. "We’ve really been able to communicate better and face things head-on, not just sweep things under the rug," Kramer told Hollywood Life. "I think that’s what we would do when we would internalize things, and we’ve been able to actually talk about our feelings instead."

The couple is very open about the cheating incidents, as well as the miscarriages, even discussing them together on their iHeart Radio podcast, Whine Down with Jana Kramer, according to People.

So, a little singing and dancing in the car goes a long way for Kramer's family of three as they celebrate her country music success. Here's to more family car karaoke in the future for this foursome!